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douglas9401 | 12:51 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | News
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Seems GB is to use different boats to rescue illegal immigrants and bring them here, freeing up the current shower to concentrate on wringing their hands and taking their wages under false pretences.


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Yup, that is pretty much what it will amount to.

Why use a 50K boat when you can use a 250m frigate.
well you can get more on warship, madness, nothing will change. the 100% guaranteed solution for both us and the French was given weeks ago. There's a herd of elephants in the room.
I have been saying all year that the UK Border Force is not fit for purpose. This is confirmation. Scrap it and replace it with Royal Navy trained personnel.

I don’t think the Royal Navy should be permanently doing this role, they are for fighting our enemies, not escorting refugees.
so really this is just window dressing to deflect the govenrments lack of resolve in dealing with the illegals, why not just change the laws and deport them back to there home countries, as france won't take them back.

In 2009 the last year of Gordon Brown’s Labour Government, we deported nearly 12,000 failed Asylum seekers. Last year we deported 4,000. During the same period, the scale of illegal immigration has got a lot worse. 28,000 channel crossings alone (just 4,000 returned).
One solution would be to take then to Belfast and put them on train to Dublin.
And you think the Irish Government would accept that ?
"One solution would be to take then to Belfast and put them on train to Dublin."

Ignoring the fact the Irish Government wouldn't take, why would they go to Belfast first and not directly to the Republic?
Why not dump them on the beach where they came from i.e France.
gromit: "I have been saying all year that the UK Border Force is not fit for purpose" - they are not allowed to be fit for purpose though, what would you suggest they do? You'll be saying the same about the navy in a few weeks when they deliver a few destroyers full of them, over to you oh smart one, what should they do?
//And you think the Irish Government would accept that ?//

Just thinking, would the Irish government be able to do much about it? There is free movement of people between GB and NI and free movement of people across the Irish border. Of course the Irish government could always set up a hard border to prevent it. Oh, er... hang on.
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I detect dander/impotent rage.
New Judge 15.51 has spotted the logic of my cunning plan.
We don’t want a hard border with the Republic of Ireland, so why would we provoke them into erecting one?
gromit, answer for 15:50 please.
perhaps we should send the QE, get a lot on the deck of an AC! PMSL.
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A bod from Janes this afternoon on Radio4 seemed to think it's all window dressing and anyway had been tried before.

Just more being seen to be doing something guff from party central.
the problem is that the navy can;t do any more than the last lot, we are stymied by our own rules, end of.
As a former First Sea Lord advised on the radio today -

The trafficking gangs will simply use this as a sales pitch -

Don't worry if your boat is a bit unstable, the navy are paroling, and they will pick you up and take you to England, so you are now guaranteed to get there.

Ten grand please ... per person ...

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