Education Secretary Goes Blind

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Stickybottle | 12:16 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | News
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or so it would appear :

It is reported that those around Mr Johnson have started "Operation Save Big Dog", which could include an overhaul of his top team, following criticisms of the culture within Downing Street.
But Mr Zahawi told BBC Breakfast: "Honestly, I don't recognise that at all."

Poor chap has obviously gone blind since the beginning of December

Operation Save Big Dog ?! Seriously ?! Lol
Sounds like something Boris and chums might have done at public school when organising a raid on the tuck shop not a government !


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Yup. See Spot run.
Well in other press it is called 'Operation Red Meat' . So maybe that is why he didnt recognise it?

Who knows and who cares. Johnson just needs to go.
Clearly a lot at steak.
Depends on how much Johnson gets grilled by the enquiry no doubt.
They can call it what they like, do what they like, appoint who they like
Boris Johnson will still be Boris Johnson
Do you miss your career as a 70s comic, Doooogie?
No, I'm just Dandy.

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Education Secretary Goes Blind

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