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ymb, quite. You can bet your boots that anything Cummings wanted or thought might be useful to him at some time he 'filed' elsewhere on an on-going basis.
USM, should have read USB.

I've lost count of the number of times I've seen companies try block it but it is still there if you plug a phone in.
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But who would now employ Cummings in the future ?
You can rat, but you can't unrat
I for one thank Cummings in a way for letting the country know whats been going on, however sooner or later he will run out of steam. Boris needs to worry about the ones that are keeping a low profile, Sunak being just one of them.
I would employ him, he is a brilliant strategist.

You just have to remember to keep your friend close but your enemies closer. And keep some dirt on him!!

Or maybe try to behave better yourself so there's no dirt to dish?
//Or maybe try to behave better yourself so there's no dirt to dish?//

Exactly. All the debate over who had which photographs of whom and who they sent them to misses the point. If there were no beans to spill nobody could spill them. The problem is that politicians and their lackies have clearly been encouraged to believe that they are fireproof. That culture is bred from the top down and that's why the top needs replacing.
//Or maybe try to behave better yourself so there's no dirt to dish?//

Thats fine if you are perfect like you obviously are, but some of us are human and mistakes can be made. Not that I would consider partygate in the 'mistake' category.
Cummings is very tech savvy, and before leaving Downing Street he copied Whatsapp messages, emails and CCTV from the Downing Street server.
Expect another dump to ITV on the day that Sue Gray exonerates Boris.
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Lord Tebbit wrote in the Telegraph: "To add to [Mr Johnson's] troubles, three of his Cabinet colleagues — Rishi Sunak, Dominic Raab and Michael Gove — were anxious to let it be known that they were not at the party, but were busy at their departmental duties.

"That reminded me of the fall of Prime Minister Thatcher when John Major pleaded that he was unable to get to Westminster to support her due to a painful wisdom tooth, which eased just in time to let him arrive in Westminster to stand as the 'Keep Heseltine out' candidate and be elected as her successor."

Not perfect, certainly human (and flawed), and allowed to comment on topical matters, as you have. Thanks for the critique.
Just a thought , if he copied stuff from an employer who he no longer worked for, and that in fo related to named individuals doesn't that result in an offence under the DPA, I have known people to be threatened with dismissal for copying official material onto an unauthorised device (usb stick) even though it was to move info between two non networked computers.

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