Is The End Of This Quasi Poll Tax In Sight?

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youngmafbog | 14:25 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | News
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Lets hope so.

A tax payer funded organisation should be totally impartial, and that applies both ways left and right. It really shouldn't be difficult, just report facts and dont opine anything.

But even so this method of funding is so wrong in this day and age.


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is this the Nick Robinson who was president of the Oxford University Tories? Can't see how the BBC can be allowed to hire politicians like that.
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Hiring is not the problem, so long as they stay impartial when on air or on 'tweets' etc.

The comparison within GBNews is a real odd one. No one is forced to pay for it in order to watch other channels. Any media outlet, if not funded by the taxpayer, can broadcast any legal content they like as far as I am concerned. The problem arises with the BBC is that you are force to pay for it in order to watch 'GBNews'. That is wrong.
I was contrasting GB News with the BBC not comparing it.
One dies proper news and one .. largely doesn’t as anyone who’s actually watched it will know.
If I watch BBC News I feel I’m being informed … of whatever.
If I watch GB News more often than not what I’m being informed of are the opinions of opinionated people. They are doing exactly what they wrongly accuse other channels of doing.

Good to know that the govt today in announcing a two year freezing of the licence fee “could not justify extra pressure on the wallets of hardworking households"
Great: so maybe in addition to the few pennies per week this will save the hard working households, it presages some serious savings on fuel bills etc.
Aye, maybe they'll turn their attention to the blatant profiteering reported days ago regarding the lack of downward movement in the retail price of road fuel.

I have my doubts though, since our leader is in thrall to the flaxen-haired green one who shares his lodgings and he doesn't want to lose those privileges.

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Is The End Of This Quasi Poll Tax In Sight?

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