Boris Told To Lead Or Step Aside

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Stickybottle | 15:12 Sat 15th Jan 2022 | News
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By a senior Tory and former defence minister

Another former minister told the BBC: "Johnson is toast... if you were the chief whip looking at him you'd say he's not fit to do any other jobs in government, you wouldn't make him a junior minister, he doesn't work hard enough."
And a senior Tory MP said "there is a lot of scepticism around that there is anyone ready to take the reins. That buys Boris time. But he shouldn't confuse that with another chance."

It goes on :

One senior backbench Conservative MP told the BBC they received more than 200 angry emails about the parties, with only five messages in support of the prime minister.
"Many colleagues now believe Boris won't be leader at next general election... for many of us this feels terminal," the MP said.
A Midlands Tory MP, who won his seat in a former Labour constituency in the 2019 election, said: "The inbox is bad, really bad."

One feels the vultures are circling now
He cannot drag his party any deeper into the mire
Every single day is a damage limitation exercise


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I agree that Boris will not be leader by the next election, but the transition has to appear to be for "good " reasons, rather than letting his nonsense infections his successor.
And they only find this out now?

As someone said, I don’t blame Johnson: he’s just doing what comes naturally to him. It’s the people who put him there
Like the recent protestor not guilty verdicts have been met with incredulity in the country, if Sue Gray‘s Inquiry exonerates Boris, no one will believe it.
Don’t Khandro. You’ll upset them.
Tobias Elwood is hardly an obscure backbencher. He came to prominence first for many for delivering first aid during the Westminster knife attack and has been interviewed frequently.
As for the Guido Fawkes cabinet loyalty live blog I’ve come across a few sad thing in my time but that’s both sad and odd.
Maybe the PM is nervously refreshing the page as we speak :-)
I’ve never heard of him.
I’m amazed Naomi. I’m sure you did hear about him at the time of the Westminster terrorist act. Easy to forget a name but he has been on a lot
Can’t say I did.
Admittedly I probably watch more politics than is good for me :-)
Thanks for the link.
Quite a hero and all round good man even if one doesn’t agree with his statement about the PM
Praising a Conservative. I trust you’re holding your nose, ich? :o)
Not at all
I don't care what party a politician is from if they are worthy of respect, as many Tories are of course. And why wouldn't they be.
I couldn’t agree more.
Good choice ich , I like Tobias Elwood
Question Author
Even some of BJs followers are a bit sketchy on the details eh ? Lol
Question Author
An obscure back-bencher says
A former cabinet minister and highly respected senior Tory is deemed obscure
Do you follow politics at all ?

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Boris Told To Lead Or Step Aside

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