Another Corrupted Jury.

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davebro | 16:08 Fri 14th Jan 2022 | News
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they should have let the train go with them on the roof, they'd have soon got down. Damn savages......etc
the passengers at Canning Town on the Jubilee Line had the right idea - pull them off and give them a good kicking......
I despair of what the law in this country has become.
I really dont understand how these verdicts come about.

I know its a jury so it has to be recognised but perhaps some legal eagle can explain why when clearly their is breaking of law (especially in the statue - its criminal damage)
Lefty has no moral compass today.
Winning is everything.
So far, everyone here seems to be against the jury system. Would you prefer that a judge acting alone makes the decision on trials? That sounds dangerous to me. Whoever appoints the judges would be sorely tempted to....
// Would you prefer that a judge acting alone makes the decision on trials? That sounds dangerous to me.//

judges can discharge a jury and carry on - which didnt happen to us ( jury nobbling ) under one of the thousands of Cr Justice Acts

judges were acting alone in NI - Diplock Courts - and werent looked on as an undiluted success

Gandhi - yes the mahatma himself under the salt laws
pleaded guilty and then pleaded for the maximum sentence - so he cd be a martyr. British Indian judges ( of which my grandfather was one) didnt play balls.
( Salt was taxed in tthe days of our glorious Empire in India)
// So far, everyone here seems to be against the jury system. //

oh god, AB makes Trump look like a pointy headed liberal pinko wet.
Question Author
It's no wonder the police don't react effectively to these situations when they more or less know they will be let down by the courts & it won't be long before the CPS decides prosecutions aren't worthwhile.
Gobsmacked !
// Corrupted Jury //

Were to in court to hear the prosecution case?
oh let me clarify
corrupted in the AB sense of not corrupted at all

( the usual)
"Corrupt" AB translation: "A verdict I disagree with".
I wd be disinclined to convict an 80 y old

There are old people prisons ( yup )
confused perverse with corrupt
very reasonable for AB
Don't have to be in court. Your self-centred, half witted heroes have been filmed breaking the law. Your self-centred, half witted jurors are refusing to prosecute them.
The bloke who damaged the Gill statue has had it, if he's working class.
Lefty and the establishment despise the working class and they're both pretty keen on sexual perversions.
Didn't the great and the good of Answerbank get their dander up about folk not knowing all the evidence and/or facts in court cases at various times?

Asking for a short term memory loss sufferer.
I'm glad people still have enough passion to stand up for what they think. And it seems, they actually have a right to. As long as nobody is hurt.
// As long as nobody is hurt.//

- Or is late for or perhaps unable to get to hospital appointments.
- Or is unable to get to work (some of whom may be doctors seeing
to people with the above appointments).
- Or is unable to get to funerals.
- Or is unable to get to work and thus may be disciplined and
possibly lose their jobs.
- Or is unable to get to school/college.
- Or is unable to get to care for sick or elderly relatives.
- Or is unable to get to work (maybe to drive other trains or buses,
or empty dustbins).
- Or is self-employed, loses income and has trouble paying their

I could go on, but so long as nobody is hurt everything is OK.

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Another Corrupted Jury.

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