Another Corrupted Jury.

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davebro | 16:08 Fri 14th Jan 2022 | News
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That seems to be the law, nj. And let's not pretend that none of those have already been dropped with covid.

Sometimes, people do have to fight for what they want... with apologies to all middle-aged white men who have no idea at all what I mean... the world isn't always fair, not everyone is properly represented, the legal system doesn't solve everything, and sometimes, people have to be difficult before anyone will even listen.
I agree with newjudge.
But I can understand a jury being sympathetic especially if the accused turned up in wheelchairs or had walking sticks which is what some defendants do
spice: "Lefty has no moral compass today.
Winning is everything. " - which i think we'd all have respect for if they ever actually won.
God knows what's going to happen when the weather warms up. All these trouble makers will be out in force causing mayhem with no consideration for the public who wish to go about their business, knowing they're immune from prosecution. I find it absolutely disgusting and I hope the public start taking the law into their own hands. I certainly won't have any qualms about ripping them off the road, young or old and throwing them into the gutter where they belong if they get in my way.
Nostradavus meets Judge Dredd up there ^ :-)
Dave50; we don't allow lynch mobs over here. You are worse than the people you condemn. They might inconvenience people, but you want to physically attack and injure them.
Atheist at 6.47pm is entirely wrong (as per) that people disagree with juries. What people disagree with is juries returning a not guilty verdict when it is abundantly clear a crime has been committed.
Question Author
//if the accused turned up in wheelchairs or had walking sticks//
Then they wouldn't be climbing onto the roofs of trains would they?

Pixie //with apologies to all middle-aged white men who have no idea at all what I mean//

Speaks the sole arbiter of what is morally/legally acceptable!
//oh god, AB makes Trump look like a pointy headed liberal pinko wet//

You have such a talent with words Pete.
Please don't stop.
Question Author
//You have such a talent with words Pete.//

And sometimes he even arranges them to make an intelligible sentence!
I rather think such emotive cases should be non-jury and judge only act on point of law not morality
I think that the prosecution should have the right to appeal a not guilty verdict,
had I been on the way to hospital for vital treatment.. would I have been let off ABH if I clobbered them ? I think not...
@20.06 As long as no-one is hurt it's ok to break the law and cause inconvenience to a lot of people? Righto.
Trespassing on railway property = £1000 fine.
sitting on railway carriage = walk free.
Will the law in this country ever get its priorities right?
Just to be clear, boto, that's what I think the law is saying. It seemed to be in the Colston trial (reading Jim's link). Can a jury be directed that it "isn't' a crime? It's hard to see how they are corrupt, when they surely have to go with legal guidelines?
Perhaps all the people who's lives were disrupted by her an her friends should pop into her church and disrupt one of her sermons under the guise of noise pollution when the bells ring
I always believed a jury was chosen at random from the list of those called up to attend. Lucky for the perps, then, that they managed to get at least 10 corrupt people on the jury :-J
As far as I know causing a public nuisance is considered a crime. Why aren't they charged with that? There's no doubt they're causing a public nuisance.
These must have been the two easiest prosecutions possible. A wealth of evidence. And yet in both instances, the prosecution failed to convince a jury.

I suggest the Crown employs some better prosecutionn lawyers for round 3.

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Another Corrupted Jury.

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