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there must have been 1000s of "illegal" gatherings up and down the country. It's just been hysterical that we have discovered that politicians of all sides are human too. We have Tory + Labour transgressing, I'd wager a Lib Dem soiree is out there waiting to be leaked to the press too.
12:53 Fri 14th Jan 2022
No, surely a loon ?
That made me check out our bigoted colleague's profile - Gender: Not Set.

I mean, I'm all in favour of diversity...
She said more than a year ago her username is based on her actual first name-Myfanwy-in reverse but she spelt it wrongly.
anneasquithNo, surely a loon ?

A few on AB these day's, anne.
Fair enough. She's certainly AB's answer to Godwin's Law.

Prince Andrew stripped of royal titles and military honours.
Nicola Sturgeon admits responsibility.
Not referring to any one particular ABer, but there seems a type of mass hysteria at play lately.
What does that mean many’s?

Sorry, a bit late for long words I guess.

The endless repeated questions on the same two or three subjects, each person often trying to be more outraged and pointed than the last.
* Mamya,.
Tony. A loon………….. male from Aberdeenshire .
Them there hippies used to wear those 'Aberdonians ' back in the sixties, anne ;-)
Thanks for the education though, anne.
Anytime Tony. Always available ;-)
-- answer removed --
Villa signed a youth player from Dundee Utd yesterday, the only way is up ;-0
Wrong thread. Sorry. Done it again!
I think we need to stay on track.

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Oh Dear Kier Starmer, It's Not Only The Tories That Have Been Partying........

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