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there must have been 1000s of "illegal" gatherings up and down the country. It's just been hysterical that we have discovered that politicians of all sides are human too. We have Tory + Labour transgressing, I'd wager a Lib Dem soiree is out there waiting to be leaked to the press too.
11:53 Fri 14th Jan 2022
You prove me wrong first,bobbinwales.On you go.Im waiting.
OK so you make up a story and when asked to justify it you ask us to prove its wrong. Righto. I'll save myself the trouble and say we know you just made it up. Lies or fake news , people will decide
So you cant prove me wrong then.Why dont you just say so,instead of giving me this pseudo faffle?
Your wrong. End of. Prove me wrong
I’m aware it’s not a general election and I’ve voted labour most of my life but I could never bring myself to vote for that smarmy nob.
@19.16.Your wrong.End of.Prove me wrong.
It's a bit boisterous in the AB funny farm today it seems.

How has Max Headroom spent the £700k he had from a Chinese spy? On bribes to whistleblowers or fees to private detective agencies?
I reckon he has spent it on charisma classes,toga.Give it about 20 years and it might start working.
It would need more dosh than that as well.
You made it up.
End of

As TTT would say :-)
Do we have the link yet ?
What do you think?
Sari Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Ignore that...
Ok :-)
I'm thinking that both Boris and ynnafymmi have an issue with telling truth from fiction and substantiating their claims.
Yeah, but the latter is so blinded by his hatred of the SNP that he is completely incapable of sustaining a cogent argument that does not blame them for everything.

Boris breaks his own rules, SNP at fault.
ynnafymmi is a quine nae a loon.
Is that a fact? Wow!

61 to 80 of 98rss feed

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Oh Dear Kier Starmer, It's Not Only The Tories That Have Been Partying........

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