The Farce Continues ….

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seekeerz | 10:16 Fri 14th Jan 2022 | News
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Novak’s lawyers have appealed and the hearing will be before Justice Kelly who overturned the original ruling ….this could get very interesting/messy before its all over ….what is the saying…’we live in interesting times’


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Messy indeed big let’s hope the decision stands and they send him home. He’s a lying toe rag!
The world is full of "lying toe rags."
Why is he bothering, does he need the money?
Danny, obviously he doesn't need the money but the Aussie Open is Djoko's tournament. He has won it 9 times - first time in 2008, then again in 2011 and every year since. He is bidding to outgun Nadal and Federer and become the GOAT.
looks like the full hearing is defer until sunday. the Oz government have undertook to not initiate removal proceedings.

looks like a fudge is on the cards.....
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Wouldn’t matter how many times I’d won something ....the idea of calling myself a GOAT...I know what it stands for but most people snigger when it’s mentioned !!
KEN, Federer won it in 2017 and 2018, in 2014, Stan Wawrinka won it.
If he’s deported he could be banned from the country for three years I believe
Seekerz, surely you meant to say most children snigger when it's mentioned.
TCL; My bad. I meant that Djoko had won it each and every time he has reached the final - 9 times in total. If he had won it every year since 2011, that total would be a dozen:-)
matter transferred to the Federal Court to hear. not sure what that means, but Djokovic's team wanted it to stay with Judge Kelly.
Just send him home. Don't give special privileges! Australian customs officers are very strict. I found that out!!
"’we live in interesting times’" ( probable justifies triple quotation marks, a sort of 'booster' )

As can be seen with the redefining of 'vaccine' and 'pandemic', 'disease' is a likely next candidate.... 'asymptomatic' ?, don't even go there !
in the mean time they have a reserve entry on stand by:
DannyK // why is he bothering //

He's after the record number of wins. Money is obviously irrelevant.
If it is overturned and he can again return to playing, will the pressure get to him and go out in the semi or quarter finals and/or will the match crowds turn on him?.

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The Farce Continues ….

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