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probly his best song - the rest was rubbish!
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I don't agree dave, there are several good songs from Elvis.
He will be disappointed the article hasn't mention he has a new album out in a few days time.
I prefer Watching the Detectives and Accidents Will Happen tbh.

Until I read the lyrics a few years back I always thought Olivers Army was about Cromwell.
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"Oliver" is Oliver Cromwell, who subjugated Ireland in 1649.
Costello never particularly liked the song. He thought it would be a B side at best. His producer Nick Lowe urged Costello not the scrap it had he had planned, and it just sneaked on the album at the last minute.

Costello has now been singing a song he doesn’t like for 40 years. He has now informed his public that he has stopped singing it.

Not because of woke pressure or censorship (the BBC edited the track 9 years ago) but because he is sick of it and wants to tour new songs from his new album.
sorry! Watching the Detectives was acceptable
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I liked Good year for the roses, Pump it up, not too bad, Everyday I write the book, pretty good.
Another good year isn't Elvis' song.

Too many great Costello songs to mention.
“Any King’s Shilling”
“Battered old Bird” (his tribute to KFC - only joking!)
And so on …
Does he still do “Tramp the Dirt Down”? ;-)
He never bettered I Want You in my view. Still, better than the other Elvis.
Not sure what your annoying acronym means TTT - care to explain so I can comment?

Thank you.
The right on brigade.

It isn't relevant here.
Mamya - // The right on brigade.

It isn't relevant here. //

Thanks Mamya - I entirely agree.

You don;t get to build a reputation as a writer and musician of Elvis Costello's calibre by cow-towing to anyone.

I think Gromit is more than likely correct - all musicians get sick of singing the same hit song all the time, and want to ring the changes with new work.

Elvis Costello has earned the right many times over to sing what he wants, when he wants, and the notion that he is open to pressure from idiots who want to control artistic output is, frankly, nonsense.
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Costello has every right to sing, or not sing, any song he chooses.
But he has no right to tell others to cease playing any of his songs he chooses, and which he gained large financial benefit from.

This timid, guilt trip laden, retrospective virtue signalling is extremely unwise.

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