Boris Back Seat Laying Down

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roadman | 09:17 Wed 12th Jan 2022 | News
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I heard on the news this morning the prime ministers official car had a police escort this morning and the professional photographers couldnt see boris in the car which suggests he was laying down on the back seat to hide

Why would he do this with the police escort and an official car why would he hide face


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IF he was hiding, it was a bit pointless. The media will just use a recent picture like in this report.
He is not alone in hiding apparently…

// Boris Johnson was told to resign this morning as government ministers hid from the media.
It is the second time in a month that ministers have been pulled from interviews due to devastating revelations of parties in Downing Street. //

Will Boris come out fighting and more lying, or a grovelling apology and a mauling at PMQs ?
Finally worked it out !
He was looking for his contrite and heartfelt apology speech for pmqs

I can only surmise it blew out of an open window
Tired and emotional?

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Boris Back Seat Laying Down

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