Should There Be A Hard Shoulder

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roadman | 09:15 Wed 12th Jan 2022 | News
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All the news on smart motorways what do you think hard shoulder or no need?


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surely it makes sense to keep a hard shoulder, less dangerous than these so called smart motorways,
A hard shoulder is necessary if only to let emergency vehicles through.
hard shoulder all the time
Of course there should be a hard shoulder. Vitally important imo.
Maybe not used as previously but an emergency vehicles lane with additional bays at intervals for drivers having problems to pull in and await help.
Yes, there should be a hard shoulder.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to dispense with them is clearly short of a shilling.
My view on this is the same as whenever this comes up. "Smart" motorways are a dangerous folly. Cars break down when they do they must have a place to hopefully get to. The "refuge" idea doesn't work, no car breaks down to cooperate with the motorists and prevailing conditions. madness, no more and revert the ones that have been done. End of.
//additional bays at intervals for drivers having problems to pull in and await help.//

Ever had an engine fail on you in the outside lane in rush hour, and I mean blow. Its difficult enough getting across to the hard shoulder before running out of steam let alone finding a bay. Happened to me on the M3 couple of years back.
There will always be sudden catastrophic failures but many faults give you a bit of warning, even if those drivers could get out of the way surely it would help.
rowan, that's not the issue, people are dying because they cannot get out of the live lanes.
on sky news now, smart motorways suspended till 2025.
//but many faults give you a bit of warning, //

Got the stats on that? Because I dont believe what you say. If anything causes the engine to fail and you are in the outside lane you are in trouble. No hard shoulder then you are probably dead. Perhaps thats acceptable to you?
Smart motorways are not smart at all. They're stupid. There should always be a hard shoulder.
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the problem even if someone could get all the way to the left lane is that they are still trapped there unless they want to walk down the motorway for a bit in the dark with maybe only a phone torch
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youngmafbog i understand you have some personal experience and trauma from breaking down on the motorway fast lane due to a catastrophic engine issue but it is true most things that may lead to an engine issue will give you warning but that doesnt negate the problem with sudden engine failure and safe refuge
Hard shoulder on motorways at all times.

Smart motorways were a cheap "fix".
Yes there should be a hard shoulder and whoever thought of the 'Smart' motorway is anything but smart.
Whether or not there is a hard shoulder the advice is to get out of the car and away from the traffic and wait for help.

I once had my car cut out in the "fast" lane & couldn't cross to the hard shoulder. Fortunately I managed to get onto the central reservation & got the car restarted after a few minutes - scary.

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Should There Be A Hard Shoulder

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