He Should Go

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Bobbisox1 | 13:24 Tue 11th Jan 2022 | News
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I’m surprised nothing more has been said about this

I voted Tory and no doubt I’ll vote Tory again but there’s just so much Joe Public can take , Boris needs to go


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On the lunchtime news, a conservative association chairman said the media's steady drip-drip was damaging Boris and the Tories. He was blaming the media for Bozo's problems. Johnson must know whether he was at any of these parties or received invites to those he didn't attend. Isn't there an appointments book or his personal diary? The furore could be...
14:40 Tue 11th Jan 2022
What amazes me most is why it's taken a year and a half for this to come out. The email invite was sent out to about 100 people and 30/40 attended - surely one of those must have realised what a mistake this was and raised the alarm?
But who would replace him? You wouldn't like to do his job! It's a thankless task! He got us out of the EUSSR! He's the Prime Minister, he should be allowed to tell as many lies as he wants and be above rules us plebs are told to abide by.
Just getting in before the 'I luv Boris' Brigade :-/
Boris will survive this because when voters search their consciences they will see that many did exactly the same. Glass houses etc........
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Good point gg, people will no doubt say it’s folly to change leadership half way through a term in office but I’m afraid Boris and good few more are now a liability to the party they represent
Paul, you are probably correct in that many people did flaunt lockdown rules. But they were not the ones appearing on our tv screens every evening telling is we mustn't do so.
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Ken, that’s the BIG Q , who would replace him, maybe he knows this and is acting very recklessly
I think Rishi Sunak would make a great PM.

I feel the same as you Bobbi, BJ has really let himself down with this.
I'm also surprised that some on here haven't commented on this and I think you know who I am talking about, but yes he should have said if he was there and not wait for Sue Gray to finish her investigation into these parties and if he was as seems to be the case then he has to go. The big problem will be who will take his place as there are many yes men and women at the top right now and I don't think there is any way even a general election would elect a Labour government in the near future.
Plebs and non plebs is a fact of life.
"Do as I say and not what I do" is also a fact of life.

Get used to it.

Penalty for breaking the Law may also depend upon power or wealth.

Yes, he should resign but won't.
Keep him, because you see no suitable candidate to replace Boris ?
You have stolen Gully's plunder!!

I agree, Boris should go. Should have gone a while back.

Sunak has to be the one I think. Given the stuff he has had to deal with (Johnsons green rubbish) its difficult to know what were his policies and what were Carries. But I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance.
What really gripes me is that this has all happened a year after the event, due Starmer and co. continuously digging dirt instead of actually letting us know of any plans or ideas they might have if they got into power. Basically Labour as opposition are very, very weak.

If Boris goes, is there anyone who can take over - only in my opinion Gove who, although not popular with the public, is extremely intelligent.

Personally, I am sick to death hearing about this party. There are more important things that the government should be tackling. Media too are acting like they do as always, stirring more ***!!
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/// Answer
You have stolen Gully's plunder!! ///

The difference is ymfg , I don’t hate Boris nor am I obsessed by him, I just think he needs to go now, I don’t forget the good he’s done getting the vaccine rolled out and removing us from the bully boys of Europe but blatantly breaking the rules he himself told us to live by is a step too far
Pat, are you saying starmer and co are to blame ?
Never mind getting rid of Boris now....
....He should never have be allowed to become P.M for starters
It's too late .....Untold damage has been done by Boris and his Cronies.
................It's no good closing the stable door now.................
It was only intended to be a light comment:-)
If the Government had followed the legislation and guidance they expected everyone else to follow, there would be nothing for Labour and others to find dirt about.
//Pat, are you saying starmer and co are to blame ?//

Obviously I cant speak for Pat but IMHO the labour Party do have a hand in this abject failure in No10.

A good Government is often made by a good opposition, sadly SKS (although I dont blame him entirely) leads a right shower which is allowing Johnson to get away with so much.
How about Gove to replace him? He's clever.
And that is the crux of it CBL.

Plus of course all the lies surrounding it too lets not forget.

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