Djokovic Wins Court Battle To Stay In Australia

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MargoTester | 09:04 Mon 10th Jan 2022 | News
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//Who knows what might arise subsequently. I don't understand why they can't check his positive test - does he not have one?
If so it ought to be good enough, if not then he has no case.//

The problem may be that there;s no requirment in the law to prove its genuine and wasnt done by someone else. Also while I agree with sunnydave even if he was positive and then ignored all requirements to isolate the rules probab;ly dont say he had to of complied with isolation.. just that it had to be positive
I hope/expect that the Australian Government is looking very closely at the (very convenient) PCR Test on Dec 16th and Djokovic's total disregard for the positive result.

even the slow moving hacks at the beeb have caught on to this
//And how will the oz tennis authorities ensure the safety of the other players and staff?//

They can't - whether ND plays in the tournament or not. No individual, body or government can ensure the safety of any group of people when trying to protect them from a virulent virus. If only this was accepted, nonsense like this would not arise.
Although as bobbin says, that surely is nothing to do with it.
I'd have thought closer to the point (tho still not the point) would be the fact that he wasn't going to have a vaccination regardless of whether he tested positive or not.

At the risk of sounding like a cracked record, this is surely a question of reverifying his positive test.
I don't have mnuch sympathy for either party: not for Djokovic, and not for the Australians, who make a rod for their own back, honestly, with their draconian measures - which they seem in any case incapable of administering properly.
My last post was in answer to PP
Quite right NJ
If he does play, I'd have thought the crowd would be on his side.
The majority of them must be heartily sick of the tin-pot tyrants controlling them with increasingly tyrannical powers and the mindless thugs that enforce the tyranny.
Re, NJ 17.38. Yes, there seem to be unrealistic expectations from many people. A woman on Any Answers (radio 4 Sat.) said that she had 'a Right' not to be infected. No she doesn't, none of us do. Some very odd thinking around.
Interesting that his brother called an abrupt end to the press conference when asked why Novak was seen in public on the 17th
The day after his positive Covid test
He certainly did not complete the required 14 days of isolation after testing positive in his home country

Seems someone is a bit disingenuous and is using his status and wealth to circumvent the restrictions that citizens of his own country and Australians have to adhere to
Trouble is it might sum up his arrogance stickybottle but the exemption just requires evidence of a positive test and not that you isolate proper afterward's .
I suspect any checks that it was really his test will not be allowed as the onus will be on others to prove it wasnt his than for him to prove it was his
Story festering and he has not even hit a ball yet :

Australian border officials are investigating whether Novak Djokovic's travel entry form included a false declaration, Australian media report.
Djokovic's visa was revoked on arrival in Melbourne last week before being reinstated by a judge on Monday.
But Australia's immigration minister still has powers to re-cancel the visa and deport the unvaccinated player.
Djokovic - who is hoping to defend his Australian Open title next week - has not commented on the latest reports.
The 34-year-old Serb player's entry form stated he had not travelled in the 14 days before his arrival on 6 January.
Social media posts appear to show him in both Serbia and Spain during that fortnight.
Djokovic told border officials that Tennis Australia completed the Australian Travel Declaration on his behalf, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. It is not clear whether this would help him in the event it is challenged.

He is getting worse than Boris for getting others to take the blame for him

Is he not solely responsible for the information on his declaration ?

Lies from the start of this whole saga
turns out he lied on his applications and he also had a covid test and went to an event whilst waiting for results then found out he was positive he also had an interview with french lady whilst covid ridden and didnt tell her

the guys a ***
Sounds like they were vocalising what many of their fellow countrymen feel
Oh no he doesn’t ! (C’mon, it is Panto season).

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Djokovic Wins Court Battle To Stay In Australia

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