61% Of Icu Beds Are Occupied By The Unvaccinated

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royfromaus | 19:56 Tue 04th Jan 2022 | News
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Says Boris. (numbers released on 24th Dec)

it was 48% in November just as I said. Hopefully this will be the start of a bit more honesty from the powers that be and we can do away with anecdotal numbers that a reporter got from another bloke.

Honesty is all I have asked for.


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Sorry, Roy, I didn't fully understand. Are you saying that we should look to Johnson for honest figures?
Question Author
No, I wouldn't bank on that but he did give the correct number for a change.

From the ICNARC_COVID-19_Report_2021-12-31

The percentage of paƟents admiƩed to criƟcal care with confirmed COVID-19 that were unvaccinated
decreased from 75% in May 2021 to 47% in October 2021, consistent with the decreasing proporƟon
of the general populaƟon who were unvaccinated, before increasing again to 61% in December 2021
(Figure 27). Percentages that were unvaccinated varied by region, with the highest percentages in
London, the South West and North West (Figure 28
"61% Of Icu Beds Are Occupied By The Unvaccinated" - of course they are, stands to reason.
Is that 61% of all ICU beds or 61% of beds occupied by covid patients?
Question Author
ICU beds.

I would like to see the figures of London and the rest of the country separately. London is pushing the numbers up because of all the unvaccinated they have.
61% of what number? ( does not state this number... 742 were in mechanical ventilation beds in England on 24 Dec 2021 according to )

//61% Of Icu Beds Are Occupied By The Unvaccinated//


100% of ICU beds were unnoccupied by unvaxxed prior to this shambles!
Question Author
61% of beds occupied by covid patients?
think about it like this.
If the unvaccinated account for around 15% of the adult population (over 12) but occupy 60% of ICU beds then there occupying far more than there 'fair' share.... so clearly an unvaxxed person is far more likely to end up in ICU if they get covid than a vaxxed person is
Provide any stats please?
Really interested in this.

bobb... I don't think it's really worthwhile trying to argue with people here. Many have their opinions ready-formed, and only come here to have fun slagging each other off.
I don't remember when I last heard anyone here say, "Oh, that's interesting, you may have a good point there. I'll think about it."
Nailit, would you be interested in my stats? (be honest!)
Question Author can be so polite at times, nailit.


Page 45/46 should interest you.
Well its hardly a newsflash but maybe Nailit just wasnt aware of the clear picture showed by the data.. His more likely to be interested in figures from royfromaus though
//Nailit, would you be interested in my stats? (be honest!)//

No I wouldnt, butwould be interested if they were national stats ;-)
Question Author
bobb... I don't think it's really worthwhile trying to argue with people here.
Obvious faux pas there, Atheist.
first - Hi Roy !
anyone who can understand Jim Bendells article please explain it to me
It can be summed up as
a.Jim reads a stat ( lots of unvaccinated pts clogging ITUs and pissing off the doctors) and thinks that is not true ! May 2021
b. Jim think the doctors ( the ones *** off at having to treat pts who bleat before dying or something: "I wish I had been vaccinated and then I wdnt be here!) are lying and determines to establish that
c. Jim collects completely incomprehensible data
d.Jim says that the stats are wrong(Liars!) and kicks the data around and still doesnt get what he wants but screams ( Liars ! ) again
e. Jim goes on screaming Liars!
ICNARC files can be downloaded here.
Question Author
And what has all that to do with me, PP?

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61% Of Icu Beds Are Occupied By The Unvaccinated

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