Congresswoman Banned From Twitter

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Stickybottle | 09:59 Mon 03rd Jan 2022 | News
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The congresswoman's ban comes after she had tweeted on Saturday, falsely, about "extremely high amounts of Covid vaccine deaths" in the US.
In a statement issued to the BBC, a Twitter spokesperson said that Rep Greene has been banned for "repeated" violations of its coronavirus misinformation policy, which allows four "strikes" with varying suspensions from the platform, before issuing a permanent ban.

She has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and has in the past been associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory.
Despite the US struggling to contain the coronavirus, from which more than 825,000 people now died, she has been a determined opponent of measures designed to tackle the virus.
She has frequently called into question the efficacy of vaccines and has regularly been fined for refusing to follow Covid guidelines in Congress, including those regarding mask-wearing on the House floor.

Only in America eh ?
Even more frightening that she has been elected to office
Imagine if answerbank had a similar policy ? Be a lot more on the naughty step than TTT ! Lol


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Hillbilly mentality.
Majorie Taylor Greene has long been an accident waiting to happen. Twitter has acted correctly in giving her one less platform to spout her nonsense from.
She read out info from the CDC. The inventor of the MRM vaccine technology was banned last week for talking rubbish about vaccines. She joins a long list of Doctors, Nobel Prize winning scientists, virologists, epidemiologists banned from Twitter by their crack team of failed journalists and gender studies graduates.
Once again your total lack of knowledge astounds me, Stick.
//Imagine if answerbank had a similar policy ? Be a lot more on the naughty step than TTT ! Lol//

The place would be empty.
Spice, in fairness to Twitter, they have guidelines in place, and a "four strike" policy which Taylor-Greene exceeded. Personally, I think it's exactly what she wanted as she can now play the "poor little victim of the loony left wing censors" card.
Guidelines? Lol.
You should know all about how guidelines are applied.
-- answer removed --
MAABOF - foo indeed - that should be BA

Fauci is saying that there will be over a million deaths

at the end we will certainly know the effect of omicron on the unvaccinated anglo population
What were these 4 strikes about, Mozz?
I do not know the details Roy, as I don't use Twitter, but reading reports on the incident, they state she received four warnings before the suspension, all for similar Covid related "lies".
Bizarre that you don't know but you agree with it.

I agree if someone has had four warnings, but continue doing the same thing they got warned for, they deserve to be banned.
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Imagine if answerbank had a similar policy ? Be a lot more on the naughty step than TTT ! Lol
stickbottle, I don't think answerbank should put you on the naughty step because you are not very bright and don't understand the manipulation you are being fed.
Oh bless you Spiceroy !
Feeling a bit guilty when you were not even mentioned ?
At your insulting conspiratorial best
Keep it up
She's insane, but has a lot of supporters. It's not uncommon.
wait for action over the 1st Amendment.
>>> Imagine if answerbank had a similar policy ?

Ahem . . .
Brilliant, isn't it. As you know, our mods, who I have the utmost respect for, could and did decide which videos were appropriate for the common man and his butler to view.
PP & Jno are a case in point. 1 had seen a story(quite possibly on the aBBC) about a man drinking fish tank cleaner because Trump told him to do it. The other one backs him up with a totally authorised Guardian article saying the same thing.
Turned out the poor man was deliberately poisoned by his wife. She thought so many people had TDS that she wouldn't be questioned.
Love it - must remember that.

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Congresswoman Banned From Twitter

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