Downing Street Xmas Party

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Hymie | 09:55 Sun 02nd Jan 2022 | News
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In now appears that Matt Hancock and his lover Gina Coladangilo attended the Christmas party at 10 Downing Street in 2020 – that never took place.


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He is batting well above his average there !
Nothing to do with a Christmas party. It’s the same party the press exposed a few weeks ago. May.
Hymie & Co will dine out on this for years. Poor McDonalds.
// Matt Hancock was at Number 10's 'cheese and wine' gathering on the same day the ex-Health Secretary told Britons to keep two metres apart //

It is like a scenario out of Yesh Minishter. Comedy Gold.
Question Author
Members of the public have been/are being prosecuted for holding parties on the same day as the 10 Downing Street party – can someone explain why our leaders are exempt from prosecution for their criminality?
Yes for parties ( altho did any actualy pay a fine?).... but if this was people meeting at work wasn't that happening alot.... we had works meetings but with tea and biscuits not cheese a& wine
Anyway others you refer to were reported at the time... I doubt police would be interested now at reports Angel and Shane's family and friends had a barbecue in 2020
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See this link here – that work meeting went on until 2am (work meeting my ***).
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All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Power and wealth rule........

It always has been, is now and will be forever.
Hymie, your OP refers to an event that occurred at no10 in May, whilst everything else you've referenced in your thread has been to do with an event in December.

would you care to decide which event you'd like us to focus on - the one that Mr Hancock did attend, or the one he didn't?
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There appears so much criminality going on in 10 Downing Street – I can’t keep up.
It isn’t going to/hasn’t affected my life in the slightest so I don’t care!
So, you admit you were completely wrong about it being a Christmas party then?

What a plonkah.
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The day before the Downing St. party (that did not happen), Scotland Yard shut down a wedding at which 40 people were in attendance.
The police released a statement saying ‘Holding large gatherings could be the difference between life and death for someone else.’

You may not have died/suffered as a result of criminality perpetrated by those in 10 Downing St. – but others may very well have.
A neighbour held a bigger party in 2020. Doubt the police would do anything now if I told them
It was wrong... there were many others who ben the rules... also wrong...but I'm glad I did what I did and kept vovid freebased on what are family and friends did...wouldn't have done any diffrent if I'd known about downing street parties.

Still its a foolish thing for any politician to do.

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Downing Street Xmas Party

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