Anti-Vaxxers Hogging Hospital Beds To The Detriment Of Other Patients.

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Canary42 | 06:54 Fri 31st Dec 2021 | News
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This example is from across the pond but I would be surprised if it isn't happening over here.

The anti-vaxxers refuse the vaccine, but not the treatment when the inevitable consequences arise - hypocrisy rules OK.

IMHO they should be barred from hospitals.


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// (which I haven't got time to decipher as I'm on my way out to my NYE bash.//
so I will just make them up

is about death certification ( up to week 50 this year 14 Dec 21)
and is NOT on those alive ( that is not dead) on ITU
and is therefore not applicable

altho interesting
of the 1300 dead over 80s - 70% ( 1000 ) had two vaccas
A lot of you seem obsessed with overall stats. Sometimes, just individuals matter themselves. And if you are in the minority who react badly, no stats will help.
// No idea what secret consultant is
Explain please//

consultant in NHS who wont give his name as his med dr will try to fire him for breaching confidentiality - trouble maker etc
You getting lashed up tonight, pp?
// And if you are in the minority who react badly, no stats will help.//
yup they will
they show for example for the vast majority of bad reactions they are not repeated for further vaccinations

Bad reactions as defined by the patient - and not limited to 'dead but can't report it' or 'my baby now has two heads' or "I didnt have a vaccine but I feel as tho I must have"

no lashing
mine host is covid+ so everything off ( not clothes)
Pity. Bet you're some crack when sozzled.
My second allergic reaction was worse, pp, so that isn't accurate either.
“When he began feeling ill, he thought it might be a side effect of a flu shot and a booster shot of coronavirus vaccine. On the night of Nov. 1, he went to the hospital ...
Even prior to the pandemic, it was not uncommon for us to operate at 90-95% capacity on average,... His family will never know whether the pandemic indirectly shortened his life. They understand he might have died even if he’d been admitted immediately to a large medical center."

Forward planning by USA Department of Defense [DoD] (on behalf of and in coordination with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/ jnr 'partner') awarding a $136.7 million contract to MilliporeSigma to make more of a key component of rapid Covid tests to boost their production... "that will take 3 years to build and will start producing 83.3 million tests a month in late 2024 at the earliest"
"“We went from no over-the-counter tests in January to 46 million in October, 100 million in November and almost 200 million in December.” Biden said.

Boost and Test, (and Track and Trace) and hope the "rest of the world" gets fully-vaccinated :
Is NJ still partying?

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Anti-Vaxxers Hogging Hospital Beds To The Detriment Of Other Patients.

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