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youngmafbog | 11:26 Wed 29th Dec 2021 | News
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Should have handed them a large hammer and a pile of rocks instead.

And just who setup the supposed secure internet. Its not exactly rocket science to stop this happening and prevent any hack to do so.


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Did no-one consider the extra laundry bills when the obvious happened.

I predict a well-meaning but deluded academic had a plan.
Question Author
Plenty of socks available Douglas.
I guess when they told them to watch nature films ..... they did.
Then there are the twin terrors of sharp edges cuttig the feet and athletes ***.
Rhymed with Roger.

Mummy's been busy again.
They didn’t actually watch any porn presumably because they couldn’t find any.
Which doesn’t say much for their “hacking” abilities.
Meanwhile 10.9 on the Mail Outrage Richter scale
Question Author
Ich, I think you have taken this one a bit too seriously. Didnt you get the vein of it from the posts above yours?

You are correct of course.
But wasn’t sure if people realised what hadn’t actually happened :-)
The Richter scale comment wasn’t directed at the posts here …

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