Doctor Dismantles Anti Vax Arguments........

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Kardashev | 14:22 Tue 21st Dec 2021 | News
7 Answers Anti Vaxers, what would you prefer one medically approved vaccination that has been given to millions or a cocktail of drugs with their own side effects if you get Covid?


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Most are betting that they won't get seriously ill, and most are right. But yes, once they are, all this 'letting a virus have it's way with my body is better than a controlled dose of medication' does tend to go out of the window.
This thread is quiet. Where are the people who refuse the vaccine?
perhaps some are heartily sick of these threads... or just not interested.
Or don’t have an answer?
dead perhaps
Emmie, the other threads are busy enough.

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Doctor Dismantles Anti Vax Arguments........

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