16 Weeks Jail But As You're A "Celeb" We'll Suspend The Sentence

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Canary42 | 19:28 Wed 15th Dec 2021 | News
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One law for the plebs, a lesser law for the "privileged" - disgraceful.


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District Judge Amanda Kelly said that did she?
I'm not sure of what the usual sentence would be for that but it may have been suspended due to pleading guilty. Looks like she'll be cleaning graffiti off walls for a 100 hours though.
It doesnt seem alot but most sentences in the paper seem far to lenient and is there anythink in the article or in the judges statement that says it was less because shes a celeb?
Revolting specimen. Calculating, entitled and without regard for anyone or anything.

Hell mend her when the next wee outing ends in tears.
canary, loads of plebs with many previous convictions seem to get let off for serious offences like drug driving at 80mph on side roads uninsured and chased by police but despite many previous offences get let off without prison by judges who hear of there troubled homelife and how there just turning there job around by becoming a dad or getting a partime job
are you describing the late Prince Philip, bobb :-)
The Judge said, "I cannot send you to jail today even though you may deserve to spend Christmas behind bars.

You are extremely lucky the magistrates on a previous occasion decided to defer their decision."

Another two year driving ban, pretty certain she won't adhere to it ! Wonder what she actually has to do before she does get a prison sentence ?!
Assuming she pleaded guilty, Ms Price received near enough the maximum sentence (albeit suspended, but see below) for the offences. The maximum is six months (182 days) but she is entitled to a one third discount for her guilty plea, so making the maximum 122 days. She was sentenced to 112 days.

//I'm not sure of what the usual sentence would be for that but it may have been suspended due to pleading guilty.//

Pleading guilty is not a consideration when deciding whether to suspend a prison sentence or not. A guilty plea reduces the signature sentence (i.e. the custodial term) by a third (if the plea is entered as early as possible). The question of suspending the sentence is an entirely separate consideration. It is not a simple matter but some guidance is given two thirds of the way down this page (if you’re asked to log in simply hit “Cancel” and the page should load):

Please don’t ask me to justify the District Judge’s decision. We don’t have all the facts and it would be impossible.

As an aside Ms Price would have served just 28 days of her 112 days had she been sentenced to immediate custody. She would have been eligible for release automatically at the half way stage (56 days) but would also be eligible to release under “Home Detention Curfew” after half of that half had been served (so at 28 days).
// Looks like she'll be cleaning graffiti off walls //

That's not how it works for celebrities, they serve the community by giving modelling lessons to an underprivileged kid or similar.
If she is caught driving again (which she will) it will be instant prison.
"One law for the plebs" She is a 'pleb'
The judge said her hands were tied and she had no choice but to give KP a suspended sentence even though she should spend Christmas in jail. Nothing to do with her being a sleb
Forgot the quote:
"District Judge Amanda Kelly told Price: 'You appear to think that you are above the law. You have one of the worst driving records I have seen. You have been banned from driving on five occasions.

'The public may be appalled to hear that I can't send you to jail today. But the law says that when a person has complied with the terms of their release then you have a legitimate expectation not to be sent to prison today, even though you deserve to spend Christmas behind bars.'"
//But the law says that when a person has complied with the terms of their release//

I was intrigued by that statement from the DJ because actually the law says no such thing. Suspending a custodial sentence is entirely a matter for the court, taking account of all the circumstances and of the little we know I see no justification for suspension.
//Sussex Police said it intended to appeal the sentence handed down at Crawley Magistrates' Court//
08.55 You got that right N/J ....SPOT ON.
Complete agree with NJ too. What does it actually take?? When the police actually turned up after she overturned her car on the road whilst driving to get more drugs at something like 6am she readily admitted she’d been drinking and taking drugs all night, and she tested positive for both on the spot, yet the police chose to NOT proceed with the drug/driving charge.
She was ‘sentenced’ to a stint in the Priory whilst awaiting trial yet during this time was let out several times for shopping sprees, plus at least one holiday in America, and more plastic surgery this week!! It’s a complete farce.
Is this the same idiot that used go by the name of Jordan ??
damn savage......etc

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16 Weeks Jail But As You're A "Celeb" We'll Suspend The Sentence

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