16 Weeks Jail But As You're A "Celeb" We'll Suspend The Sentence

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Canary42 | 19:28 Wed 15th Dec 2021 | News
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One law for the plebs, a lesser law for the "privileged" - disgraceful.


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Yes gulliver.
send her down !

thanks for a full explaination NJ which has largely in true AB fashion - --
been ignored
I liked: "I fink you are right vis time NJ"
oh lardy lardy - must AB !
There is one thing I will add which has only just occurred to me.

I had not followed all of this and I am not sure whether Ms Price was simply remanded on bail for sentencing (because, say, the court required reports) of if her sentence was formally "deferred." It occurs to me it may have been deferred because someone mentioned she had spent a spell in The Priory in the meantime. If sentence had been deferred and she had undertaken to seek treatment in the clinic, the DJ is correct in saying that the law prevents immediate custody being imposed if sentence was deferred on the basis that the court wanted to see whether or not she complied with that undertaking.

As always, we don't know all the facts so it's simply speculation, but I feel bound to point out that possibility which had not previously occurred to me.
10.24 Thank you snowball..I did notice her when she was called Jordan.
NJ - yes apparently because she did go to the Priory for a stint(albeit a farcical one!)whilst on remand then the judge could not have imposed an immediate custodial sentence yesterday(that’s what I’ve read anyway).
And yes gulliver - whatever name she uses she is an absolute nightmare!!

A serious question NJ. If it had been me, with her driving record, admitting to drug / drink driving, then voluntarily going into rehab, would I have been given a substantial, but suspended sentence?

It seems some of the ire is due to her getting different treatment because she's in the public eye / can afford a decent brief. Was she?
I don't see where it says she was banned from driving - was she? - she should be for life.
I've never heard of the woman, but sounds as if she can afford taxis
drm - a suspended sentence for drink driving is not unusual - this chap was also in breach of his previous suspended sentence

This chap also ran over a police officer
Khandro - I read yesterday that she was banned for two years.
banned for 2 years
"She was also given a two-year driving ban, 100 hours unpaid work, 20 sessions of rehabilitation work with probation, and was ordered to pay £213. "
Ms Price doesn't consume much of my time or attention but at 43 it seems she needs to grow up a little & stop behaving stupidly. But when you are rapidly becoming a has-been celeb what's the next career move?
I'm afraid she's one of many who take that road of self destruction in the form of drink and drugs for whatever reason. Her lifestyle has been a trail of self destruction with only herself to blame. Sadly its becoming more obvious that sooner or later it will end up in a situation that cannot be reversed.
Dont care what the law says, anyone with such disregard for other road users needs jailing.

She will not learn until she is jailed. All that is likely to happen is she kills someone next time. Just hope it is not me or any of my family or friends.
//A serious question NJ. If it had been me, with her driving record, admitting to drug / drink driving, then voluntarily going into rehab, would I have been given a substantial, but suspended sentence?//

I imagine you would have received near enough the same sentence, drmorgans. It's always difficult to comment on individual cases. What you see on the telly or read in the papers is only a tiny bit of the information a court will have when sentencing. The media necessarily pick out the bits they want you to know about but don't bore you too much with the details. As I said, the maximum sentence for her offences is four months (with her guilty plea) and she got near enough that. As I also pointed out, she would only have served 28 days, so it could be argued that in some respects the Suspended Sentence Order, together with the unpaid work and probation supervision (which will last some time) is more onerous. She also has the suspended sentence hanging over her which will almost certainly be activated should she transgress again during the suspension period.
//She will not learn until she is jailed.//

I think it unlikely she will learn even then, ymb. Unless she kills somebody or commits a dangerous driving offence (without killing or seriously injuring somebody) she will only ever face the maximum sentence of six months which she faced recently. So long as she pleads guilty she will not serve more than 30 days (or 45 days if she is convicted following a trial).
How she ever gets a boyfriend for longer than a one night stand is beyond me. He must be a complete thicko.
I think she has other "assets" smurf!

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16 Weeks Jail But As You're A "Celeb" We'll Suspend The Sentence

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