Supreme Court Says No To Gender Neutral Passports.

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naomi24 | 14:14 Wed 15th Dec 2021 | News
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Yes Naomi, a good decision.

To be honest they would probably have caused the bearers no end of problems in other countries. And in some ones of the more intolerant would possibly have had you arrested at the gate.
Thank goodness

And ymf is exactly right. Some extremist countries would probably lock you up!

Perlease what a load of TROB cobras. As YMB says, can you imagine trying visit other countries that are not inflicted with this BS?
yes very good point by youngmafbog
"Gender-neutral passports are already issued by Argentina, Australia, the US, Canada, Denmark, India, Malta, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Pakistan, while Germany has introduced an intersex category."
Well who'd a thought it?

If there was an option other than M or F, I can't see that it would inconvenience the M's and the F's, other than pushing the indignation buttons of those who have them.
the quote in my last post was from the BBC report.
I totally agree with Atheist in that it is a poor decision.

There should be 3 categories....Male..Femail...and Not sure.

What is the big deal?
yes, I can't quite see why Britain should have a passport policy designed to appease North Korea.
What is the big deal?

Well try going to the arrivals gate in a country like Pakistan, get the wrong person on the gate and you are in for hell. And then the UK would have to pick up the problem at great expense and no doubt bad publicity for the poor sod trying to sort it.

I personally dont have any problem, call yourself what you like, but you have to live in the real world and with a passport you are going to travel. And its no good saying I wont fly to those countries, if your plane has problems it could easily have to put down in one.
Its ok jno, you dont have to stay here as you hate us so much,
Naomi, the trouble with common sense is that it can vary wildly from person to person. Laws are useful in setting out a sort of 'officially adopted common sense' that all then have to go along with.
Can you imagine if we were ruled by my Common sense, or Putin's common sense, or the Pope's common sense? What a world that would be.
YMB. Ad hominem post at 13:41!
YMB......yes, I take your point in that she/he/it could just tick male or female. However, look at her photograph and understand the confusion the passport control operator would have and the confusion and queues lengthening.

With the don't know or 3rd option ticked, the passport inspector would nod and agree and move on.

Sqad // the passport inspector would nod and agree and move on.//
That would surely be dependant on what country he was in.
ymb, that was a pro-British post. Why would Britain let other countries define who its citizens should be? If you do want to, wouldn't it be better to align with the values of Australia or Denmark?
It's only another set back - it will come when we catch up with other Countries.
Yes I agree with mamya......the third gender will soon be universal.
yep the 5th Column are out in force again..
jno which other country is defining who our citizens should be?
mamy: "It's only another set back" - why is it a set back?
"it will come when we catch up with other Countries." - which countries do you want us to "catch up with".
I don't understand why it's important to be a "don't know" for what sex you are. Who cares it's a doc to get you abroad.
TTT, I am referring to ymb's original post at 13:16. You can decide for yourself whether you agree with it.

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Supreme Court Says No To Gender Neutral Passports.

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