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lankeela | 16:31 Tue 14th Dec 2021 | News
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Are we seeing Captain Hindsight's successor? One of the few Labour politicians who seems to have a reasonable grasp of party politics and not just relying on slagging off the Tories.


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Wes Who?
//He was previously the President of the National Union of Students (NUS),//

Like Jack Straw (whose son is now a Lab MP I think?).
Beware of ex-student union types, all mouth & no trousers.
K - I think the phrase should be "All mouth AND Trouser"!
maybe mixed up with fur coat & no knickers. haha
//He was previously the President of the National Union of Students (NUS),//

'Nuff said.
Before entering parliament he never had a proper job, so I would suggest he doesn’t know how the real world works, or have any empathy with those who do have proper jobs.
"Before entering parliament he never had a proper job,"

Perfect qualification for a Labour MP, Just like Jeremy Corbyn, of whom his first wife said, "all the time we were married, I never saw him read a book"
Yes Wes Streeting is excellent,
He was the voice of reason during the Corbyn madness.
However, there isn’t a vacancy for the leadership and is unlikely to be for some time, so this is all a bit previous.
He has kidney cancer.

What has he done or said to gain these new fans ?
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He previously had kidney cancer, but I believe all clear. He made a very compelling speech this afternoon in support of the government proposals which are being voted on tonight. I found him much easier to listen to than either Captain Hindsight or his hoard of angry women who only seem to want to spout venom about the government. Personally I'd prefer the Captain to remain, as the Tories have no worries with him at the helm.
Deskdiary, I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel similarly about many who follow careers in education. I don’t think they ever really leave school.
He is higher profile now he is shadow health Secretary

I’d rather have Captain Hindsight (? presumably the leader of the opposition) than corporal foreskin, to be honest
Just read that he had a kidney removed in the summer which thankfully was where the cancer was contained.
"Home" not "health" secretary.
He certainly knocks spots off his opposite number

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