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It's more than worrying. It's terrifying!
Didn't anybody check it out?
Regrettably, many people seem to think that inventing a degree qualification is nothing more than a 'white lie'. Take this guy for example, who (despite having been charged with fraud for obtaining a job with a false c.v.) was still expecting to get paid for work that he wasn't qualified to do in the first place:
Might try it myself, always wanted to get on board the public sector gravy train, no questions asked.
This is non medical
over egging your CV is possible fraud by misrep, and will get you referred to the GMC for dishonesty ( = no licence)

you will get fired if it is a core requirement. If Sqad claimed the society of apothecaries prize for embroidery, no one would worry to much.
I think her employers twigged after a month or two.
I must say I have a sneaking admiration for anyone able to talk her way into a top job like that. A shame she uses her talents for evil.

Qualifications aren't everything, but it does sound as if some interviewers weren't asking any very hard questions.
She is not the first person to be landed a Senior position Through telling lies. I know someone else who did the same thing on Dec 12 2019.
What is worrying isn't that she tried it on, but that some very highly paid NHS jobsworths accepted her lies.
I have a suspicion about why they were so easily prepared to believe her, I'll leave it there.
I have a suspicion I know what your thinking dave but I'll leave it there.

I'm not sure whether her references were from UK referees and employers but there must be real risks in accepting references from overseas and even checking qualifications. I bet this happens quite alot in the health service's

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Bogus Nhs Cv. Isnt This Worrying?

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