Is Your Mp Sniffing Coke?

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Khandro | 12:52 Mon 06th Dec 2021 | News
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The speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle has said it is "deeply concerning" that an investigation found traces of cocaine in areas of the Palace of Westminster accessible only to people with parliamentary passes. He vowed yesterday to bring in the police to stop the country's lawmakers from breaking the very rules they set.


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// o stop the country's lawmakers from breaking the very rules they set.//

o stop the country's lawmakers from becoming law breakers

ter daaah

every fifty pound note tests positive - so I doubt the trail will lead very far
Yeah when I read in Dickens Hard Times, about Coketown - I er sniffed a bit....
13.44 ........."Birds of a feather"......
// 13.44 ........."Birds of a feather"...... //

is that an allegation, Gulliver?
@ 12.00. You think only rich people can afford coke? Really? Never been round a council estate?
14.17 ,Take it anyway you like . .
as PP points out ... "Every British bank note is contaminated by cocaine within weeks of entering circulation"

Good luck tracing the stuff in Parliament and taking away the passports and driving licences of the offenders; but it sounds like another attempt to be seen to be doing something.
Question Author
^^ They are probably contaminated with a lot of other things too.
I do hope so. What else could explain his behaviour?
16.50 Do you mean Boris,,Sandy??
// cocaine is very expensive //

Not sure it is anymore. It is pretty rife in pubs where I live, which is not an affluent area.
our local MP is Sir Keir Starmer, so i doubt it.
I tried snorting Coke once, never again.
I nearly drowned and all those bubbles up my nose weren't very nice at all.
its the bottle stuck up the nose 1ozzy, must be painful, lol
I used a straw Em.
Recyclable of course,,,
of course...
I agree with Danny, some MPs may have taken it in the past but this could be members of the parliament staff, do they the security checks go into drugs use?.

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Is Your Mp Sniffing Coke?

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