Is This The Way To Deal With Drug Users?

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youngmafbog | 13:24 Sun 05th Dec 2021 | News
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Middle class drug users could lose their driving licences and PASSPORTS under Boris Johnson's plan to 'interfere with their lives' as part of 10-year blitz on county lines drugs trade


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No. Crimes are crimes, go for the criminals. I've never been interested in drugs, but other adults can make their own decision. Easy targets?
er - Possession of class A IS a crime at the moment so these "middle class" users ARE criminals. innit
The only way to stop criminality around drug supply and drug use is to legalise them but no one seems prepared to grasp that nettle.
I think something like this needs to be done.
Apres-dinner 'tooters' are just as responsible for the drugs-trade and lawlessness that goes with it as anyone else.
Sorry, thought it was just selling it. I have possibly changed my mind about it, as skunk has so many long-term issues. It isn't the gentle hobby it seems to be portrayed as.
We seem to only demonise nicotine really, and alcohol to some extent.
But I guess, if they are willing to take full responsibility and treat addiction properly, legalising would be good.
I don't agree that people who use it and commit no crime, are in any way responsible for those who do.
Yes, I agree with it, provided he can do it without being browbeaten by human rights and assorted other do-gooders !!
Good idea, if it stops people buying it then the dealers will have no customers.
I remember the government's slogan in the 60s when drugs started to emerge amongst the young. It was -'Just say NO'. Fat lot of good that did.

//Good idea, if it stops people buying it then the dealers will have no customers.//

They probably have plenty of customers in the "lower classes" who don't really care about passports & driving licences.
It's got to be worth a try.
A few weeks ago a 26 years old lad in our area stayed out at a party all night. Arrived home high on drugs and smashed into his fathers gun cabinet(parents were away at the time) . He took one of the guns and blew his brains out.
Just one of many young men in this area where drugs have been the main cause of death.
. Legalising drugs would make them appeal like sweets. We shouldn't make them the norm . It's time to deal with the dealers and try to stop the supply of drugs . Drug dealers should be given life sentences or a lethal injection.
I'd have thought it would make more sense to target the dealers rather than the users.
Mozz, this is on top of the targetting of dealers which is ongoing.
I've long advocating going after the posh druggies but treat them as any other criminal.
Couldn't he take away the passports AFTER these prats have left the country?
I think that dope smokers do less harm to society than alcohol drinkers, yet cannabis is illegal and alcohol isn't. American alcohol prohibition made fortunes for the mobs, as dope prohibition does today.
Often wonder what Boris is on?.
how's the origami going Gully?
Funny you should say that Gulliver. I often wonder the same thing about you.

Andres at 13.42. //just say NO//

That was the best advice ever.

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Is This The Way To Deal With Drug Users?

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