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TTT//if he's annoying the unions then he's doing something right//
Good, this might very well cause him a lot of votes if the unions turn against him.
You mean get alot or lose alot of votes danny?
^loss of votes^
Do you not want a strong opposition party in parliament, then, Danny?
Not so sure it will cause him a loss of votes. Unions are not so popular these days either.

Sir Kier needs to do this, its the only way we can at least have a viable opposition to keep Johnson in check.
The money "saved" by defunding Labour will go to the extreme left organisations. After all antifa have to pay their transport costs when the rock up out of town for a bit of "spontaneous" violent protest, and have you seen the price of glue these days? Can't skimp on sticking to your principles and to railings, and roads. There is also a call to begin a "National Care Service" starting with the easy target, Scotland. National Care Service. Just think about that ... I am sure it is just National Socialism rebranded. They call all their opponents fascists. The thoughtful know why. The old adage of blaming your oppponent for your crimes is a deceitful ploy as old as man.
It might WIN him some votes.
Unfortunately,wishy-washy socialists like SKS arent going nowhere nowadays.The nationalists seem to hold the positions of power now.Whether the English nationalists under Johnson or the Scottish nationalists under Sturgeon.I fear for democracy in Britain with these *ss*oles in power in our country.
Well I have looked and looked and can't find an English Nationalist candidate in any recent, or future, elections.
We do need a strong opposition but none of the present bunch of alternatives inspire the slightest confidence.
Question Author
Looks like Gromit has been sampling some TTT
The biggest laugh up here in Scotland was Unite the union was calling for an independent Scotland.A socialist(?) union backing a bunch of hateful nationalists is certainly something new nowadays.Though the eejit McCluskey was/is just as hateful as the anti-semite Corbyn was.
The only way to save this sick tory run abomination of a nation is socialism.Stop the greedy and protect the needy.
Question Author
there are times when you could be forgiven for thinking that gully is a bit on the thick side, then MONEILL45 comes along and makes him look like Einstein!
Yes it certainly is TTT.
//The only way to save this sick tory run abomination of a nation is socialism.Stop the greedy and protect the needy.//

So what is your suggestion - communism?
//So what is your suggestion - communism?//

I took the prefered option to be National Socialism ... just like 30s Germany.
Keep your eye on Lisa Nandy. Come back here in a couple of years.

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