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davebro | 12:17 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | News
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Couple of news items grabbed my attention (for the wrong reasons):

GPs can stop doing what they should be doing in order to administer booster jabs AND will be paid £15 per jab / £20 on Sundays.

Rural areas may get USA-style Governors. More jobs for the boys & another level of bureaucracy?

I give up!


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What about a link or two?

It's only routine health-checks for new patients and those aged over seventy-five that can be deferred until the end of March.
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So GPs can drop some work but get paid extra for the work they do in it's place (even though the GPs don't actually do it in most cases). hm - I shoulda gone to medical school.
They are not stopping what they should be doing other than routine check-ups for the over 75's.
My GP surgery has been all but closed for business since March 2020. I don't know what they do in there because there are fifteen cars parked in the car park most days. But nobody I know has been able to receive proper medical attention from anybody in there. It opted out of the Covid vaccination programme, deeming its premises "inappropriate" (despite having been extended three years ago at a cost of £1.5m and is now larger than the health clinic down the road where I had my jabs).

I will be interested to see how "appropriate" their premises will suddenly become following this recent announcement. What I do know is that if I was a volunteer administering vaccinations, doing it for free as many are, I might find I am no longer available to give my time. If they can pay £15 a pop to people who are paid £100k per annum in return for healing the sick, unless they could find a similar sum for me I'd be off.
//I wonder how much this Christmas bonus costs the country? I bet most people don't need it.//

There are roughly twelve million people in the UK of State Pension age, so about £120m. That’s roughly twice what we’ve paid the French to prevent migrants crossings (a sum we might as well have used to triple the Christmas bonus).

The £10 bonus was introduced in 1972 when the weekly State Pension was £6.75 (so around 1.5 times a week’s pension). The basic State Pension today is £137 so the Christmas Bonus should be around £200.
^^^Wrong thread !!!
We had a half-decent GP practice in my village until the start of the pandemic when it shut up shop completely except for the collection of prescriptions. My OH needs regular check-ups for various medical conditions which have never been conducted by the GP but by a (not too bright) practice nurse whom he now has to drive 5 miles to a different village to see. What on earth are the GPs in this group practice actually doing? At best the occasional telephone appointment - I don't know anyone who has had a face to face appointment in living memory. The government needs to know how things really are before it offers to make being a GP even more lucrative.
Johnson has lost the plot.

Needs to get tough with these GP's.
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I read somewhere that a majority of GPs are part-timers. An obvious indication that their pay is too generous.
Seems like we need more GP's.
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//Seems like we need more GP's.//

To do the job they were trained for & are paid to do?
Pre pandemic I could re order a prescription at the time allowed, after 11am, collect the same and collect medicine at 4pm. Now, when the prescription is e mailed to the chemist, it takes 3 days before medicine can be collected.
The routine yearly checks pick up a lot of the problems, I haven't seen a Doctor face to face for three years running, who knows what's going on under the skin.
NJ, you never fail to tell us at every opportunity how many cars are parked in you GP surgery car park. I have a vision of you as a curtain twitcher with a note pad!
your GP has xray vision vulcan?
//Seems like we need more GP's.//

No we don't. We need those we've got to work proper hours. It is ludicrous that 90% of the "gatekeepers" to NHS services (for that's what they are) are working only part time. No other major business could run its services with such a high percentage of one of its principle groups of workers are part-timers. Much of it is a result of the Blair government doubling their pay and halving their work. But a lot more is to do with the way the NHS is run, with GPs as "private contractors" who can pick and choose when, where and how they work. If patients are to be denied treatment by those who can help them until they have seen one of these gatekeepers, that service needs to be sharpened up.
//I have a vision of you as a curtain twitcher with a note pad!//

I don't have to twitch my curtains. I pass the surgery twice a day most days, usually on foot. It annoys me intensely when I see that there are more than a dozen staff in there every day when I know so many people who have been unable to access the services they are supposed to provide.
\\ your GP has xray vision vulcan?//
Don't know, haven't seen him for three years.
money paid for vaccinations is not clear profit. it also covers paying admin and nursing staff, extra use of protective gear, any extra energy used to open the practice at times when it would be shut or to rent alternative premises (my local GP's have grouped together to rent part of the local leisure centre) and so on.

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