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It's amazing how people still use the 'slipped and fell' excuse for this sort of incident.

If I was the A & A surgeon, I'd be saying, "I was born at night, but it wasn't last night!"
Accident & 'Aris Andy?
Who the hell would put a stick of gelignite up your a$se
jenny - // Who the hell would put a stick of gelignite up your a$se //

It's the difference in the genders I fear.

A bored woman will probably phone a friend, or go shopping, or catch up on the soaps.

Bored men get up to this sort of nonsense!!

And yes, I am generalising before anyone leaps on their keyboard to accuse me of stereotyping.
Who indeed, JJ, and more to the point ….why?
What's the betting he won't do it again. Plonker.
forgive me for my naivete - was he trying to get a "hit" and how the hell did he do it.

my arm is just long enough to wipe my bum clean
My question wouldn't be why, I'v fathomed that part but why not something with less potential for alarm.
He’s going to jip down the pub especially when somebody asks who’s round is it.
Andy- //Bored men get up to this sort of nonsense!!//

Speak for yourself pal, I prefer a wordsearch.
love your avatar, dusty
17:22 LOVE that comment jj Lol ....
I don't know why everyone assumes it was entering rather than leaving. Constipation can be quite painful.
I guess that this is a new definition of 'biting the bullet.'
It is easily done. Long, dark evenings in Gloucestershire at this time of year
what's Boaty been up to now?
Question Author
He might want to consider moving somewhere else where nobody knows him...otherwise:

"Say, aren't you the guy that......"
Question Author
It can't be the first time something like this has happened there because the article says:

'A hospital spokesperson said "relevant safety protocols" were adhered to and there were no risks to staff, patients or visitors.

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