Well It Was Never Going To Be Enough Was It?

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ToraToraTora | 13:52 Fri 03rd Dec 2021 | News
41 Answers least the 29 years is a minimum, hopefully neither will see the light of day again.


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They could have 'problems' if other inmates discover what they did.
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well I hope so roo, I hope everyday is a living hell for them.
There is no way other inmates will not know what it is they have done; they have tvs, they have access to newspapers, etc. As i said on the other thread yesterday, they will no doubt be segregated from the main body of prisoners and will serve their time in the protective wing along with the rapists, child molesters, etc.
Tustin, handed a life sentence for murder, was also sentenced to 10 years for four counts of child cruelty.

Hughes, who was found guilty of two cruelty counts, but acquitted of one pertaining to Arthur's salt poisoning, was sentenced to nine years over them. Both killers will serve these sentences concurrently.

all i can add is one hope they die in prison.
I would have put a noose around their necks myself
Too quick Brian, though it does pee me off that as a taxpayer I have to support them for the rest of their lives.
I don't understand why there were videos of this child. Did the stepmother take the videos out of pure malice?
A whole life sentence like that cop who murdered that lovely girl by pretending to arrest her is what I was hoping for. So disappointed it wasn't that.
Tilly - I know she took videos and pictures of him after and whilst she was hurting him, but the video of him alone in the room crying that nobody loves him (which I couldn't watch by the way) was probably a camera somewhere in the room.
There will be a national uproar I would expect if she is ever set free again. Thinking about it I bet she wouldn't be alive for long ...
No, it's not enough. I hope they suffer in gaol. I feel rather awful about myself because my immediate reaction was that I hoped that they would have food withheld until they too were starving and pleading for food and comfort - and that this happened on a regular basis throughout the rest of their lives..

I'm really quite ashamed of myself (and there will be a lot of people who agree that I should be ashamed) and more rational thoughts have taken precedence since - but, underneath, I think a lot of people will feel the same to begin with.
I don’t agree with the death penalty but I would happily bring it back for this pair. I don’t know all the details of what they did to the poor little lad because I can’t bear to read about it or see it. I can’t stop thinking about him.
I agree, Clover. I don't agree with the death penalty either but they should suffer just as that poor little mite suffered.
These horrible occurences always bring out threads like this, and the responses are always identical.

A large number of posters vent their own anguish and disgust by wishing varying levels of harm on the guilty parties, and some confirm that they would be happy to execute them personally.

The reactions are all absolutely understandable, as adults we abhor the ill-treatment of vulnerable children like this poor mite, but we have to know that justice has been served.

The culprits will have a very very long time to contemplate what they have done, and if justice is fully served, they will not see freedom again.
...but why were the cameras in the rooms? Who installed the cameras?
You'd need access to the evidence for full details I imagine.
Surprised me that the Mother did not have custody given Tustin’s history.
She's in prison I believe.
Oh I see.

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Well It Was Never Going To Be Enough Was It?

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