Sorry Boris, The System Won't Let Me.

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Canary42 | 22:01 Sun 28th Nov 2021 | News
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Boris Johnson urges people to get jabbed ‘to be in strong position for Christmas’

Fat chance - I've just made a booking on the first available date - 4th January.

Last time I tried a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't even let me book as it said it was too early to do so.

So, which is it ?
(a) Boris is lying again
(b) Boris hasn't got a clue
(c) He means Xmas 2022


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Why didn't you book ages ago canary? Which age category are you in?
is this your booster? I'm really surprised - I had mine more than a month ago. I had invitations from both the NHS and my GP.

Has something gone wrong in your area? Or were you late to get the first two jabs?

PS kindly bring Greta back.
canary says he tried, bobb.
Your post is pulling as they've been encouraging bookings for a few months now and most people I know have had there's allready or have bookings due made awhile ago
When did you have your 2nd Jab?
Well if hid too young that explains it . The plea is for 3eigable ones to have there's when it's due not for jumping the queue. There's a gap of 6months needed at present since 2nd jab so when was your second?
Same as jno. We had notifications from GP and NHS.
It's option d in your list.
(D) I misunderstood how it works
The reason they are urging people to get boosters is that lots of people who are eligible (i.e. second jab was 6 months ago or more) are not bothering to get it.
The booster rollout has been rubbish. Both my husband and myself had reached the 6 months since our 2nd jabs and had heard nothing. So I phoned the surgery (which we were asked/told not to do) and we were offered appointments. When we went for the booster jabs there were so many people in the queue much older than us who should have had their boosters ages before us. Another government/NHS c***up.
Well there was absolutely no cock up here. Everything has worked well.
Our primary care group has a walk-in clinic for all Covid vaccinations, no appointment necessary, we also accept patients from other GP practices. Maybe have a look in your area for something similar?

When I looked up walk-in clinics for my area, none was offering boosters - only Astra Zeneca 1st or 2nd jabs.

I think the reason there have been so called cock ups has been caused by us, the people not the government or the NHS.
Perhaps in an area thing then Diddly.
Here on The Wirral they do, we offer Pfizer 1st & 2nd, and are switching to Moderna for the booster. We did also offer Astra Zeneca, for those with severe allergies or other medical conditions that preclude the use of Pfizer.
I had no problem booking mine for early December
I had a text from NHS and My health centre had my booster about two weeks ago. No problems in my neck of the woods, maybe it depends on where you live then.
sounds like it might be a postcode lottery, tonyav. Canary isn't young and shouldn't be having to wait this long.
Where's Canary gone?

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Sorry Boris, The System Won't Let Me.

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