Is The Tide Turning ?

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gulliver1 | 09:23 Sun 28th Nov 2021 | News
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Is the clear Blue water starting to get muddy? Labour are ahead of the Tories again in the latest opinion poll.
The Lasting damage to to B/J from the Sleaze and his Disastrous speech to the CBI are now putting Labour in the Lead.


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not with dreary Keir in charge.
Course it is Gully , anything you say Gully, Keep the red flag flying Gully
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When members of the public were asked what they thought of Boris,s latest Performance ,48% Disapproved, 31% approved ,21% thought he had gone Bonkers.
Ask us in 2023/2024
It's like deja vu with you, gully, every day.
just where do you get these fairy tale figures from gully. You have no link to give us, nor indeed have any intention of backing up your claims.
Labour are still a mess and are still unelectable.
Johnson is a terrible leader, and the Tories are a bunch of sleaze monkey’s, but the alternative isn’t at all appealing to many people.

Before cashing in on the Conservatives misfortunes, better to get your own house in order first, or you will fail again.
// Ask us in 2023/2024//

we may have woken up by then hur hur hur
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gromit 09:45 for BA
.// It's like deja vu with you, gully, every day.//

no no no

It's like deja vu with you, gu, nu.

The first syllable of Gulliver, goo has a chinese character 古 - gu meaning ancient - and Gulliver is!
nu - is now and pays homage to the new virus er omicron which is near nu in the greek alphabet

xi - - ξ - has been missed out as it is also the name of the president of China, ( shee) even tho, the Greeks kinda didda - ksi
anyway innit deja vu all over again - louis b mayer
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09.57 Eh!
Please give a link, I believe it was a only a small amount of people that were asked. Who would vote Labour with Kier Starmer and that awful woman. I have no idea why you go on so much about this, even more so as I believe you do not live in this country.
Yes Gulliver.....the tide is turning according to all parameters.
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TGT @ 09.53 You are not in the position to award Best answer on this thread.
Only I ,,, can do that. ...You are just the linesman, running up and down waving your flag trying to appear important , have a day off . End of .
/////TGT @ 09.53 You are not in the position to award Best answer on this thread./////

Good point gulliver, it me off when people suggest which post is BA.
Agree, concur etc but not suggest BA.
Who is TGT tho gulliver.
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10.54 Thank you Sqad,

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