Are We Looking Here At The Next French President?

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Khandro | 22:58 Fri 26th Nov 2021 | News
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I sincerely hope so;


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i don't see the illegals punting all the way to Ireland, but they come here to England and London in particular. So not your problem, i get that.
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Shock horror emmie I live in … England

You’ve not been paying close enough attention - which I would say is a healthy state of affairs :-)
As for Zemmour and “traditional” values you will find some of his own words at the link revealing

Maybe not quite so traditional family-wise in the light of the latest news of fatherhood to be. But that’s the danger politically when you adopt such a position, even in France.
I should think Le Pen, who not surprisingly very publicly regards him as a misogynist, is delighted at the happy news
“ You may be Irish, but why did you use the Ukrainian flag as your avatar. It always seemed a strange choice for an Irishman”

My reply to this obnoxious comment was deleted.
If you’re going to do that then please also remove the original
Question Author
ichi: in your link, "Yasmeen Serhan worried that this could be France’s version of Trump..... "

Is that a fact, well, well, poor thing.
Question Author
There's nothing obnoxious about it. I once compared it to TTT's flag of St. George, which he would have at the time justified without a problem.
Anyone Sadiq Khan declares as 'unwelcome' is likely to be an excellent candidate. Vive le France!

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Are We Looking Here At The Next French President?

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