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grumpy01 | 07:59 Thu 25th Nov 2021 | News
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I see in the paper today that Squadron Leader George “Johnny”Johnson is 100 today.I wish him a very Happy Birthday.
Although there was a campaign for him to be knighted, all he ever wanted was a campaign medal for those who served in Bomber Command.


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Anybody who has seen the dams will agree that it was an amazing piece of flying, not to mention the courage needed to do it under enemy fire.
didn't Bomber Command lose 55,000 airmen in the war...
there is a magnificent monument to them at Marble Arch,
i wish him more years to come and a very Happy Birthday
Question Author
That’s correct Emmie.
i have visited it a number of times, and feel so sad, but proud of their achievements...
Question Author
Of the 133 who flew on Operation Chastise only 48 survived the war.
I am afraid Boris is keeping all the Knightood's for his Cronies,... Grumpy.
Boris wouldn't be where he is now if it wasn't for the Bravery of Johnny Johnson,
and others like him.
Boris wasn't in the war Gully, or didn't you know that. Your history seems somewhat sketchy
Congratulations to just one of a generation of very brave men....and women.
Question Author
It’s not just Boris though, successive governments would rather forget Bomber Commands part in the war than praise it.
Bomber command didnt have a very good war
Lots shot down
Hitler threatening to shoot downed staff on site ( early terroristen)

short shelf life

then in the seventies, teenagers telling their dads they were war criminals.... ( Dresden, Tokyo)

The last poilu ( tommy from the great war for those on AB!) was decorated by Chirac I think and commented at age 112
"I have only got this medal because I lived so long no because of what I did"
erm very good reason to forget it
it doesnt cover us with glory

"burn out the black heart of the enemy" as a war aim only because pre 1942 we had lost all the land battles
churchill: do I have no general who can win a battle?
( after Richie's defeat, 1 st battle of Alamein)
08.28 Emmie, Boris is the one that could give this Gentleman a knighthood. ....Don't you know that... your knowlege of Current affairs seems somewhat Sketchy ,
yours is non existent.
perhaps he doesn't want a knighthood, think about that with your usual ramblings. gulliver.
Gulliver, only the Queen can bestow a knighthood.Do check the facts before posting.
facts and gulliver, an oxymoron if ever there was one...
Gulliver, the man doesn't want a knighthood but you wouldn't know that because you can't be bothered to read what's gone before. You, Gulliver, with your inane and incessant ramblings about Boris, are completely devoid of respect. This man deserves better.
wow 100, legend, thanks.
even on a thread like this gulliver can't help trading.

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100 Today The Last Dambuster

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