27 Migrants Drown

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fender62 | 17:22 Wed 24th Nov 2021 | News
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so what will te powers on both sides of calais do now, probably nothing and some will say
tough luck to dead, you took a dangerous chance and died.


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the French minister is on BBC news right now blaming the British! Tragedy it is, lets not blame each other. The problem is we are not allowed to fix it are we?
It is nothing but a tragedy. These are people just like us. If you consider yourself better than migrants, I can assure you , you are not
who does fireleaves?
UK, France and the EUSSR need to get together and brainstorm this. We need answers not excuses. The problems starts when they enter the EUSSR, they should start enforcing their own rules. Why are they not applying in France anyway?
Can we not set up an asylum processing centre in Calais?
//These are people just like us.//

They're not like me. I've never made an attempt to illegally enter another country.
It seems that these weren't the refugees holed up in Calais, but some who were smuggled in from outside of France for the express purpose of ferrying them to the U.K. A tragedy to be sure, but it seems they may have been the victims of professional smugglers. I agree with everything else in Tora's post of 17:33. The powers that be of the appropriate countries need to put aside their differences and put their heads together if they want to find a solution for this.
//Can we not set up an asylum processing centre in Calais?//

Why? If they need to claim asylum the French have a perfectly adequate asylum system they can use. The fact is, Tora, the majority of them are not seeking asylum, they are economic migrants. Asylum implies they are seeking safety and sanctuary. Both are available in France (and the various other countries they have passed through).
It certainly needs brainstorming, and less of the nonsense we have had from our Home Secretary ove the past two years.
However if you think that the problem only starts at the borders of the EU that is wrong. It's an international problem that starts at the point these people start their long and perilous journeys.
One reason we are seeing so many attempts to cross the channel now - in fact the main reason, is that other routes have larely been closed (lorries for example). In fact asylum applications have gone down in the last while. Not dramatically, but they have fallen,
NJ @17:37 That makes them no less important than you (or anyone else)
The are seeking asylum of course.
It may not be justified in many cases, but that is what they are doing.
well judge, one of the problems that one of the interviewees on BBC cited was that they have to get here to apply for asylum. Therefore it would be in our interests to process their request outside of UK territory. Just one of several measures we could take.
The Home Secretary needs to resign she Is hopeless she needs to take responsibility for her failing in this
you can't blame the officials their hands are tied by TROB, blame them if you want.
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lady on the news, care for calais saying britain should take as many as other countries, she mentioned france and italy for example, im not sure how big france or italy compared to the uk, but im sure they have a bigger land mass, and the reporter never asks the simple question.. the uk cannot absorb all of these illegals, they never mention housing medical schooling jobs, we have a housing shortage for our own people already, public services on its knees, i guess they would be happy for our infrastructure to collapse, magic money trees springs to mind, let alone the discontent people feel about the influx and massive cultural change it brings, and not for the better.
"you can't blame the officials their hands are tied by TROB

Now exactly?
By "TROB" do you mean international law? UK Law?
"How" not "Now" (sigh)
New Judge - // They're not like me. I've never made an attempt to illegally enter another country. //

Then we must count our blessings that we have never been in a situation where a potentially lethal boat ride appears more attractive than our current situation.
//NJ @17:37 That makes them no less important than you (or anyone else)//

I didn't mention relative importance, mozz. I was simply reacting to the notion that they are "just like us." They are not like me.

//they have to get here to apply for asylum//

If they want to settle here, yes. But they are already in a safe country. They have no need to travel further to apply for asylum. In fact, there were plenty of places on their various routes that they could have made an application.

The asylum system has lost its purpose. Its original idea was to give people immediate (and possibly temporary) sanctuary from the threats they faced. These people do not face any threats in France (other than those from their fellow migrants when they can't get on with each other). I notice that Denmark has taken this interpretation properly and are now beginning to repatriate Syrian refugees having given them temporary asylum. The people arriving here don't want that. They want permanent settlement (which they will undoubtedly enjoy once they set foot here) and quite simply the country cannot afford to accommodate them. That's why it needs to stop, not because some of them are tragically drowned.

The solution is pretty wimple if we were allowed to do it.
1) France should destroy all smuggler vessels on the beach before they start. or Tow them back to the beach and destroy them.
2) We should patrol the border of our waters and stop them getting into them by towing them back to French waters an then the French can do option 1
3) we should infiltrate the smugglers and round them up and jail them for at least 10years a piece.
TROBs like the dopey mare on the telly right now will whine like stuck pigs over all that so we won't do it.
4) EUSSR should enforce its own rules regarding asylum applications.

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27 Migrants Drown

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