Van Stolen With Six Dogs Inside

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smurfchops | 17:57 Sat 13th Nov 2021 | News
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A happy ending, how wonderful.
I'm pleased that they also found the Cockerpoo. She was still missing this morning.
Great news
Happy news for the dogs & owners.
Wonderful that they were found...
I like that they took themselves for a walk.

You would think that someone stealing a van would notice six dogs in the back before he drove off.

It is terrifying when a pet goes missing - especially these days where they are being stolen by nasty and cruel people.

Why would anyone want 6 dogs, or even 1?
Stupid dog walker left the engine running while he called at his sisters - anyone paying this person to walk their dogs should be very wary of letting him do so again. Apart from anything else it is against the law to leave a vehicle with the engine running. Sad though that this only got national coverage because one of the owners was a BBC journalist - there are many dogs stolen that never get a mention. He also said that five of the dogs were elderly and only one the poodle/cocker cross was worth stealing - and guess which one was missing when they found the other five who had been dumped? Fortunately it was found later.
I thought the van must've been stolen because of the dogs. Looks like I was wrong.
Yes if my dog walker did what this one did she would no longer be my dog walker.
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Hopefully the dog Walker was named and shamed.

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Van Stolen With Six Dogs Inside

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