Malala Yousafzai Is Married.

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ladybirder | 22:27 Tue 09th Nov 2021 | News
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pleased to hear it. I hope they're very happy together.
I wish them both a very happy life together.
Good for them. I wish them both every happiness.
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She's got herself a very handsome husband, lucky girl, lucky guy.
I hpe they are very happy
Good for her. I wish them we’ll. I hope, if they intend to remain in this country, that they’ve booked a date at the local registry office for a civil ceremony to legalise the marriage.
Well. Blinking predictive text!
Naomi, I think all they needed was to have a registrar present for it to be recognised under UK law, but as I'm no expert on such matters, I may be wrong. Whatever, I expect they covered that, I can't imagine Malala is eager to return to her homeland in a hurry.
Congratulations to them both. Wishing them a long and happy life together.
I wish them a long & happy life together.
Congratulations x
Mozz, registrars do not attend ceremonies conducted at unlicensed premises, eg private homes. Whilst the marriage would be regarded as legal in countries that recognise Sharia law, Malala has been married in this country in a Muslim ceremony - as very many Muslims are - which means that she and thousands/millions like her are not legally married in British law and are, hence, unprotected by British law. For example, should the marriage fail, she cannot seek divorce through legal channels - only through a Sharia court - where her rights do not equal those of her spouse and where she will very likely be told to go home, behave herself and obey her husband.

I admire Malala and have supported her quest to encourage education for women since the beginning. She was like a breath of fresh air. This, however, disappoints me, in that whilst I thought she really was running with the ball, unless she crosses the 'Ts' and dots the 'Is' to ensure that her marriage is legally recognised here, she will not only have dropped the ball - she will have left the field entirely. A marriage conducted under Sharia law is not conducive to the advancement of the education of women. Quite the opposite.
I've been to a few Muslim, Sikh and Hindu marriage ceremonies that have taken place immediately after the legal bit at the local registry office. I would expect Malala will legalise her marriage if she hasn't already done so.
One of my daughter's did the same before her non-religious wedding.
She’s a beautiful human being , I hope she finds the happiness she deserves
// I would expect Malala will legalise her marriage if she hasn't already done so. //

I'm not so sure. Thousands don't because they don't recognise the validity of British law over Sharia. To them they're married and that's that - and if any problems arise in the future they will appeal to a Sharia court.
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It seems that her husband's work is in Pakistan but surely she won't go with him.
LB // but surely she won't go with him.//
Why not?
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She may not be safe there.
I think she’ll be safe there - now she’s toed the line.

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Malala Yousafzai Is Married.

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