And The Police Wonder Why They No Longer Have Any Respect

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youngmafbog | 13:19 Tue 09th Nov 2021 | News
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Six officers for a terminally ill man for mooning? And on top of that dragging him to the ground. Honestly?

I bet if he was burgled not a single copper would pitch up.

And since when does vandalism become a terrorist action? It's not right but surely the local Bobby should sort it out, there were no death threats and no links to any extremism it wold seem.

Smacks of a Tory over using their power - no surprise there with the current incumbent in No 10.


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Fair's fair, the cameras regularly flash.

As to the article, a triumph from Phil Space and his repetitive tendencies.
Worra rag.
As an ex policeman I cringe at some of the attitudes displayed by some of today's officers.
I really think we are supposed to be reassured that all is well in matters of law enforcement when we see such unnecessary heavy handedness.

How wrong can they be?
Heavy handed yes (one or two at max) but if the headline is implying they should of treated him different because he was terminally ill, but would they of known that?
According to the report Bob, it was because he told them.
Bobb, regardless of his health conditions, was that level of attendance plus a gate kicked in and handcuffing required for a baring of a bottom?
No, read my post again
Fine, we agree.
//According to the report Bob, it was because he told them.//
I've not read it, cant open it, so am not sure at what stage , before they set off or after they got there.
//Fine, we agree.//
Okay you misread it, easily done in haste if your upset by something thats happened like this case
since when is bad, since when is bad....
use: for how long has v been a t action

And since when does vandalism become a terrorist action?

well terrorism is well defined: any crime with added intent that it is intended to change the political behaviour/beliefs

Here daubing - "disgusting tory Sleaze - chuck them all out - adulterers, peculators and fornicators, all of them" on a wall would 1. deffo take all night 2. passersby might help " Tory has a capital T". 3. There is a shorter word for fornicators

but it is clear that there is political content and not just a fun thing to do with paint on that night
someone asked
but let the raging - internecine argument about the paper bag and how to get out - continue!
Bob - from the article.

//Mobile phone footage filmed by wife Sarah, 36, a nurse, shows Mr Meekcom calmly telling officers: 'I'm terminally ill, I won't be able to breathe like this.

'This is ridiculous - I moonied a speed camera. I moonied a speed camera.'

One female officer can be heard replying: 'Well that is a significant statement that you have just made to us.'

Mr Meekcom is then heard responding: 'I'm quite happy to say that because it was one off my bucket list.

'I've just been diagnosed with multiple system atrophy. I'm terminally ill, I've got a very short time to live and it was one off my bucket list.

'Have you never wanted to moonie a speed camera? Well I did.'

Wheelchair-user Mr Meekcom, of Kidderminster, later said: 'I was simply gobsmacked that I got arrested for mooning a speed camera.

'It is something I had always wanted to do because I'd been caught by them a couple of times for silly speeds like 35mph in a 30 zone and it always bugged me.//
I thought baring your bottom was lawful ....

yeah yeah just fort - - since it was a bucket list - why didnt he say " but officer I only do it once in a blue moon!" haw haw haw
Thanks Mozz, So as thought, so the officers didnt know he was terminally ill until they got there - i dont think they check things like that before sending people out so maybe its thought some of the police should of left a that point or shown more consideration .
I'd say his actions were quite timid - I had thoughts of petrol bombing a speed camera van with the operator inside it!!!

Anyway I think that on the whole the police do a difficult job quite well.
As usual the video doesn't show the start of the incident.
One thing that hasn't changed over the years is that the plod generally haven't got a clue about what specific legislation says is, or (by omission) is not, illegal.

To be guilty of indecent exposure a person has to intentionally exposes his genitals, and intend that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress. [Section 66, Sexual Offences Act 2003]. Baring one's bottom is not an offence under that legislation.

The police might have tried to take action on the grounds of 'outraging public decency', which is a common law offence under which its illegal 'to do in public any act of a lewd, obscene or disgusting nature which outrages public decency'. However the courts have ruled that for conduct to be considered sufficient to cause such 'outrage' it must "go considerably beyond the susceptibilities of, or even shocking, reasonable people". [Lord Simon].

If the plod had bothered to check the law before acting, they could have saved totally wasting the time of six of their number.
True Bob, but if, as is quoted, he was a wheelchair user, it shouldn't take Einstein to figure out that excessive force is unnecessary in this instance.
I thought baring your bottom was lawful

just so, PP. Indecent exposure it isn't. At the very most one copper should have mildly suggested that he not do it again (and be prepared to be told to take a hike). Even if had been indecent, why on earth would six officers turn up?

This is just crazy.

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And The Police Wonder Why They No Longer Have Any Respect

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