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Agreed, great work by the archaeology team :-)
What marvellous finds.
The first and only plus side.
I'm sure those who have been kicked out of their houses and had their peace destroyed will be absolutely delighted.
I'd have rather they had lain uncovered and all the destroyed trees and thus wildlife habitats left alone ! I also agree with the above two comments.
I agree a great find for some, Tiggs but not for many.
I can never see a plus side of Hs2.

The damage done to people, wildlife and ecosystems is disgusting and irreparable .....then there is the shocking waste of money.
Question Author
I know, its a horrible price to pay, I agree. I just hope that those affected will be or have been compensated somehow and that the wildlife have found somewhere safe to set up home although I'm sure many are now dead.

Finding these statues is the one and only plus side of this whole thing. But yeah, it would've been better undiscovered tbh.
do people fret about those who were kicked out of their homes to make way for railways and roads they already travel on?

When the tube and the early railways were built, those dispossessed didn't even get any compensation.
2 wrongs don't make a right.
hasn't it given thousands employment?
yes that is a plus side - a mate of mine was earning big money doing bat surveys!
and who knows.... you can date them from their hairstyles
PP puts up hand
the girl has a hairstyle popular in the first century AB

yes AB - as an era ! - - AD I mean or whatever the call it now - CE

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Plus Side Of Hs2

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