Luxembourg First In Europe To Legalise Growing And Using Cannabis

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roadman | 11:09 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | News
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will this be used as a case study for other European countries and do you think this will increase tourism in luxembourg


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might do, though Amsterdammers decided they'd had about enough of weed tourism. Of coure, they have other attractions.
Question Author
well what amsterdam say and do seems to be conflictive lol

they have been banging on about having a problem with weed tourism but they havent done much to stop it or make it less accessible to tourists
Question Author
yes i did see youre not allowed into amsterdam for tourism at the moment which will affect the coffee pot shop but when thinking generally about what goes on there non covid times
Yes, I'm sure it will.
Germans regularly cross over into north-east Netherlands to stock up.
There will inevitably be more of this until other countries see sense over de-criminalisation.
Yes, I'm sure others will watch and learn... no doubt, too late :-)
I think it's an excellent idea to separate cannabis from the illegal drug industry. USA tried Prohibition, with terrible results. And legal alcohol causes far more harm to health and society than legal cannabis would.
I see the pot heads are out in force.

//And legal alcohol causes far more harm to health and society than legal cannabis would.//

What absolute nonsense.
The problem is that, in some cases, cannabis leads to harder drugs.
If you only have to pop to the garden and not to a dealer then that make help in that regard.
The argument would be Danny that legalising it would mean people are not in contact with dealers who would push harder drugs.

The counter argument is that 'cannabis' is a wide umbrella for quite a few 'variants' some of which can be quite potent and dangerous. I doubt very much that they would be available legally so back to the dealer. And of course there will be those that 'get used to' the legal cannabis and want to try something harder.
Danny 13:12
So does mother's milk! :-)
YMF. 13:09. You don't see gangs of stoned people staggering round town at night fighting. Drug and alcohol abuse and excess can be harmful, but moderate use is often beneficial. Also I doubt if stoned people would be inclined to use rude terminology when talking about alcohol drinkers - it makes you mellow and happy, not intolerant.
YMF; Anecdotal, I know, but in years of smoking I never craved a more intense form of the drug. It's easier to know when to stop than alcohol tends to be. There was no physical addiction, simply and 'illegal smile' which was nice, but easily replaced by 'legal smiles'.
Try this from your favourite lefty rag:

Not so great is it and certainly not better. Both have their problems but trying to claim cannabis is miles better is garbage.
Atheist//So does mother's milk! :-)//
Facetious remark.
YMF; From the Guardian (which I do not buy or read online)
"The acute mental impairment that comes from cannabis smoking explains why stoned drivers are twice as likely to crash their cars than unimpaired drivers." A stoned person tends to drive more slowly and carefully (anecdotal). The G didn't reference evidence for the statement.
"The number of people seeking professional help to quit or control their cannabis habit has risen in the past 20 years in Europe, the US and Australia. Only alcohol and tobacco lead more people into treatment." So alcohol and tobacco are worse than cannabis?
There's a danger that the need to seek out illegal dealers can lead to a progression to more dangerous drugs which are often more lucrative for the dealers (which is why they have an interest in using cannabis as a lure so that they can offer harder stuff which is more addictive).
I know this is equally anecdotal, but I have several friends who are serving Police Officers.
On a typical Saturday night in a normal market town, they all (unofficially) wish they did not have to be seen to raid and deal with the local dopeheads, who present them with no problem at all.

On the other hand. They rather wish they didn't have to deal with the consequences of alcohol abuse.
I asked a friend of mine about her work in A&E. Very rare to come across serious problems with cannabis.
Alcohol is a different matter entirely.

I would suggest that objectors should advocate designating alcohol as a Class B substance.
Then stand back, and watch the reaction.
Atheist lucky you if it always makes you mellow and happy. Try telling that to those who have suffered long term psychoses and mental issues from cannabis use - and there are many.

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Luxembourg First In Europe To Legalise Growing And Using Cannabis

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