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The Republican part in the US has taken leave of its senses. That ought to worry people who believe in democracy and the free world.
One of the great merits of a democracy - for all its many faults, is that changes of power are respected by the losing side.
Trump has destroyed the trust of a huge percentage of the people in the US system by his continued incorrect assertions that he was wrongly removed from power. That is the damage he has inflicted on his country, and I don't see that damage mending any time soon. Presumably he will use "Truth" to perpatuate that dangerous lie.
//I did, ymb.//

Aye .. me too

I don't understand the question. What "repertoire"?
I don't think I'll be following "Truth". I did follow his old account during the election
surely TTT will be signing up to anyone who wants to "stand up to the tyranny of big tech"?
> I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon."

TRUTH. In CAPS. Like when an evangelist shouts it while preaching. "Come hear the TRUTH and beeee-lieeevvveee ... Hear the TRUTH. Read the TRUTH. Feel the TRUTH. Believe the TRUTH. Beeee-lieeevvveee ..."

A better name would have been Alternative Factbook ...
Ellipsis, he probably says "end of" too.
I was thinking along the same lines, Ellipsis. The truth according to Trump.
> will you be adding "TRUTH Social" to your repertoire?

Or, to put it another way, will you POST on TRUTH?
tell me what his "small hands have got to do with the ex president
its a very pedantic comment to make
There's always a reason...
Possibility... //Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a genetic condition caused by the absence of chromosomal material from chromosome 15. Characteristics of the syndrome include developmental delays, poor muscle tone, short stature, small hands and feet, incomplete sexual development, and unique facial features.//
//But if he upset you lefties to such a degree that you still bang on about him//

In fairness, we're responding to Tora's post, unless you're suggesting that Tora is a lefty.
"He obviously did something correct if he upset this lot so much!!"

and that's what Trumpism comes down to in a nutshell... no principle... no standing "for" anything... no backbone... no vision. Just a reactionary irrational nihilistic dislike of certain types of people.. that is it. That's all there is...

A more perfect response could not have been written by one of Trump's critics!
as for trump's social network I think it will be down the toilet quite soon just like his steaks, his fragrances, his university, his airline, his board game, his magazine, his foundation, his mortgage company, his travel agency, his vodka, and his presidency.
/// yep YMB, like catching mackerel with tin foil! ///

I thought trolling was against Site Rules.
Why is anyone silencing Jimmy Carter?
Question Author
Interesting that the nasties on the left seem to be attacking disabilities. i suppose that's what they do.
Truth Social by Donald Trump.

Does the US have anything similar to the Trades description Act?
> Interesting that the nasties on the left seem to be attacking disabilities. i suppose that's what they do.

Yep, that's what makes them nasties. But they're not confined to the left. Not unless Trump is on the left ...

Ellipsis- now ;-) that's the TRUTH.

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