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Wish theyd explain why or whether we really need to wait 6 months after the second jab. If some arent taking up the booster jab I'd love to bring mine forward a month to have it now
You and me both, Bob.
Well, be nice to be asked to get it. I’m due next week, heard absolutely nothing from my Doctors. My friends who are with another Doctor were notified 2 weeks ago to book their 6 monthly booster jab next week. I’ll wait another week then hopefully I can just go ahead and book it myself. Impossible to get through to the Doctors, my neighbour waited over an hour.
Question Author
I agree - the minimum is 5 months here in Ireland - but there seems no good reason it can't be shorter, especially if the first jab was Astra rather than an mRNA from Pfizer or Moderna.
I’m a week short of my 6 months but if I go on the website it tells me

/// You are not currently eligible to book through this service///
Will be March before the roll out is completed though.
My doctor as never contacted me about vaccinnes. I just book it online when am eligable.
If there saying take up on boosters is disappointing why dont they open it up to say 20-22 weeks rather than 26 weeks especially for over 55s/60s

Can we say *** off ?
Odd that word is in the avatar ?
I am classed as extremely vulnerable and had my first jabs in Dec 2020 and 4 Jan 2021 and nobody's contacted me. I would love to have the booster.
Sparkly must say I’m surprised it survived , :0)))
Oh I see , your referring to sunnydaves avatar. I thought you were meaning tell the vaccinators where to go
//I am classed as extremely vulnerable and had my first jabs in Dec 2020 and 4 Jan 2021 and nobody's contacted me. I would love to have the booster.//
Thise first 2 sound far too close together, are you sure? Anyways have you tried booking online through the nhs/gov site, worked for my wife who had hers early like you?
OKay sorry, maybe if one was 1st Dec and the other 4th Jan that wasnt too close
Question Author
Sorry to offend any of our more elderly citizens - I'll change back to my Halloween Nellie.
Senior citizen yes, offended No,
Bob I've just checked and first jab was 11th December 2020.
Yes I looked on the NHS website yesterday evening but couldn't find anything in Hove, only Brighton, and I don't do Brighton unless it's the hospital;-). I need somewhere I know and have to be sure it has disabled parking.
Thankx Ladybirder. So this is one case where I think only your GP can get things moving for you so you need to ask- worth a try
Ladybirder I've posted you alinkin body and soul. Also the. Jab is now widely available at drop in centres
so I read that as saying it offers actual protection against infection? I think that's new? The talk's previously all been about greatly reducing the symptoms so you don't go to hospital or die but you could still catch Covid.

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