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grumpy01 | 12:06 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | News
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He has now at last been charged with murder.Another the tax payer will have to keep for many years.


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Now best put him in the Thames with a couple of brick anchors around each ankle , I as a taxpayer have no desire to see him have 3 square meals a day and paid for heating over the coming months
Are you suggesting he should be freed?

No, I know what you are bemoaning, again completely pointlessly
Damn savage should never see the light of day again.
As the law stands it's the best we can do. I hope they throw away the key.
Question Author
The one who shouldn’t see the light of day again is Ram Jam Choudry.All these radicalisations will eventually trace back to him.
He's not long been out, grumpy.
Unfortunately they will though Grumpy , while those that can’t afford to heat their homes , they’ll not have that problem
More importantly…

// Ali was also charged with the preparation of terrorist acts. The Crown Prosecution Service said it would argue to the court that the murder had “a terrorist connection, namely that it had both religious and ideological motivations”. //

Innocent until proven guilty - you'll have to wait until - and if - he is convicted and sentenced before you start moaning.
Question Author
I know but the question is why was he allowed out in the first place.
Throw away the key, drown him in the Thames. Deprive him of any light . Don’t think these are options open to our judges ..
maybe have to rely on British justice service .
Violent and extreme fantasies of retribution how some people convey their anger.

Anneasquith, I think throwing away the key is an option for our judges.

AH, he stabbed a man 17 times. I think moaning is acceptable.
Had I ever met him in the street I would have thought what a lovely smiley young man.
Why was Choudary allowed out?
Because he had served his prison sentence. He has never been prosecuted for hate speech.

Choudary was charged with one offence under section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000 for inviting support of a proscribed organisation, namely Islamic State.

He was convicted in July 2016. Mr Justice Holroyde sentenced Choudary to five years and six months in prison, telling him that he had "crossed the line between the legitimate expression of your own views and a criminal act".
Question Author
Actually Gromit he was allowed out on licence in October 2018 and his ban on public speaking was lifted earlier this year.
He had served his sentence. We all know that virtually all sentences are halved, and so was Choudary’s.
Naomi - moaning about the perceived inadequacy of his sentence has to wait until a sentence is handed down, and that is after a trial, therefore at the moment, the accused is innocent and not sentenced.

The accusation remains untried at present, so moaning about his future is premature.

The crime he is accused of is not relevant to the point raised.
I guess if people want to moan that’s their choice.
I’m not moaning , I just hope they lose the key, ‘tis all

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