Will There Ever Be A Political Party That Isn't In Thrall To The Eco Lunatics?

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dave50 | 11:28 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | News
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I have no-one to vote for at the moment as all three main parties have been taken in by greta and her ilk and are determined to career down a path of eco poverty and industrial destruction. I thought the Conservative party had more sense than to be taken in.


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When it's you against all the mainstream parties does it make you think maybe you're perhaps the one who's wrong? :-)
I doubt it. They're all on the bandwagon because it's the 'thing to do' ... but it's just how far they're on it that concerns me. I don't think the Conservatives - or anyone else - will do themselves any favours by becoming too enthusiastic!
I agree with him, atheist. With the exception of Brexit, for particular reasons... I have never had anyone worth voting for. We really do seem to have a choice of two- one of which has been entirely incompetent for decades.
Also, in this area, except for the current HS2 protesting, there is no point voting for anyone anyway.
We should have loads more parties- but with an equal chance of getting in, not biased by seats or history.
If Brexit had gone the other way UKIP would have boomed & been the party you seek! A double edged sword?
A leading article in the D.T. this morning;

+'We need a referendum on net zero to save Britain from the green blob
As with membership of the EU, the political elite is imposing a revolution on the public without consent'+
Do you agree that all new petrol and diesel cars should be banned in just nine years’ time? Or that gas boilers should be replaced, at great cost, with heat pumps, a technology that doesn’t quite work yet? Are you willing to eat less meat and pay higher taxes? Do you disagree entirely, or accept some of these ideas but not others? Or would you prefer to take it more slowly given China’s reluctance to act?

The shocking reality is that how you answer is irrelevant. The public isn’t being given a choice. The fact of, and speed, scale and method of decarbonisation have been decided: Tories, Labour and Lib Dems all agree on all the essentials. It doesn’t matter who wins the next election: a new orthodoxy rules supreme. There is no functioning democracy, no mechanism by which outcomes might change. This is a disgrace and extremely dangerous.
The green lobby have facts on their side sadly for you… climate change is a real issue and requires some kind of response even if you disagree about what that should be. You’ll just have to come around to the fact that you are wrong.

Production of Petrol and Diesel cars will end in 9 years time. They will not be banned, you will still be able to use one.
Heat Exchangers are to be phased in at the end of your gas boilers life. When your boiler breaks, they want you to replace with an Heat Exchanger. They don’t want new and functioning gas boilers ripped out, just replaced when needed.

That's democracy for you :-)
"The public isn’t being given a choice. "
Goverments have to make tough decisions. I f they duck them theyll be slated when the climate changes really hit just like when they dithered on lockdowns and suddenly we had thousands a deaths.
If someone dosnt believe in green reforms they can form or find a party. Maybe stand as independent. Its no diffrent to there being no mainstream partys that want to abolish income tax,stop all immigration, nationalise everything or ban all vaccinnes or abolish compulsory education.

The lack of choice of Party is nothing new.
The three main parties agree on almost everything, Health, Education, Law and Taxation. They have done for half a century at least. The only differences are the solutions they offer and whether you can believe them.

People are pretending the Greening of the Conservative Party is new, and somehow they have been deceived.
It isn’t new, and the Tory election manifesto had all this in it.
What part of the concept of humanity is facing its greatest crisis, we are creating the potential for a mass extinction playing out over hundreds of years rather than millenia. Within a hundred years at the current rate the worlds coastal cities will be starting to flood, extreme weather as described now will be the new normal. At least major economy has to take a lead why shouldn't it be us. We were the birthplace of the industrial revolution in a way it's on us. Of course there will be problems and cost implications there were cost implications at every stage of human development. Didn't stop us did it!
The Conservative Manifesto in 2019 has 6 main pledges.

This was one of them:
// Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. //

If your vote elected this Government, then you shouldn’t be surprised.
"When it's you against all the mainstream parties does it make you think maybe you're perhaps the one who's wrong? :-) "

The Best Answer that never will be :-)
And from the Labour Party Manifesto ...

// Our Green New Deal aims to achieve the substantial majority of our emissions reductions by 2030 //
In a genuinely "green" way- the best thing for the planet, would be to wipe out humans and leave it to animals.
Anyone voting for that? Or are we going with slow and steady....?
No need to vote, we are wandering going down the path quite merrily on our own. For many years I felt like the geeky kid who keeps saying Mum it's not this way while the family head towards a cliff edge. I was going green before we even talked about the ozone layer. Remember when that was our biggest concern?
No one is moaning about the Labour Party being ‘Green’ and not being able to vote for them.
The Conservative Party are honouring an election pledge.

Not sure why the people who voted them in are suddenly not liking their policies.
Did anyone vote for the Tories, due to their green credentials?
//Did anyone vote for the Tories, due to their green credentials?//
Theres usually more than one issue, its a balance, but I doubt it anyway as there green credentials were less than those of Labour, Liberals, Green, Plaid. and probly SNP (though not checked there manifesto))

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