Lets Start With The Dope Before The Psilocybin

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roadman | 10:49 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | News
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how can he consider legalising magic mushrooms if cannabis is illegal when magic mushrooms are more dangerous


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If you read your link,
"Campaigners, including Mr Blunt, want it to be moved to Schedule 2 with restrictions to prevent inappropriate prescribing to facilitate medical and scientific research.

It would then potentially be in the same category as medical cannabis, which was legalised in 2018."

As medical cannabis is permitted, would the same approach not be applied psilocybin if re-scheduled?

I've only had a Google here, I'm not sure of the longterm effects of magic mushrooms? It only seems to say they can help with depression and anxiety.... but what are the longterm problems?
Question Author
dont think there are many long term problems more people thinking they can fly and jumping off a building or some thing
Can't you give them both up, roadman?
Are you sure? There are obviously serious problems with regular and longterm use with cannabis. If magic mushrooms are safer, that might explain why.
Question Author
I dont think there has been much study into the long term affects of cannabis to be able to say that Pixie but I do know america has cannabis shops and they do not have magic mushroom shops
There's loads, roadman. We know longterm it causes psychosis, and sometimes, pschizophrenia.
You say magic mushrooms are "more dangerous'.
Question Author
there being a link is quite different to it causing why do you write it in such a way obviously snoop dog and seth rogan are doing just fine with their daily consumption
I don't think perception of individuals overrides science :-).
Even if it did, why would a "more dangerous" drug, be legalised? What exactly are their longterm effects?
I honestly don't know. Or the comparison with dope?
Question Author
you could call them case studies i guess if you can provide one case study of cannabis causing someone to have psychosis that might be beneficial to the discussion as you brought that up
Question Author
fact is if you have a psychotic illness drugs will probably enhance that but when did cannabis actually cause someone to get a mental illness which they did not have before
All drugs should be legal as they used to be, imo. (but that's a different thing, I suppose)
Mushrooms are hallucinogenic. Cannabis isn't.
No need, roadman, everyone is aware:-). Even if you just want case studies- have you honestly never seen a longterm dopehead?
My question is what effect magic mushrooms have in the longterm? I genuinely don't know.
But you are claiming they are even more dangerous,but should be legalised first.
I don't get it.
Question Author
cannabis is a psychoactive and can be a hallucinogenic but not in the same sense that magic mushrooms are
Oh dear roadman, do some research, which doesn't involve Google and come back...
Question Author
very mature pixie great way to discuss a topic i find your attitude very arrogant
I'm sure :-) come back with some facts, or give up- i don't mind.
Question Author
funny that because i asked you for some facts and you didnt comply im done here didn't have any to start with and refused to answer my question. Try again when you have worked it our.
If it's being decriminalised in order to facilitate it being used for medical and scientific reasons, then I don't see you issue Roadman.

I'm guessing you have little idea what psilocybin can be used for, but if, as the report states, " had "exciting potential" for the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression, trauma and addiction" then I think the government would be foolish not to decriminalise it.

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Lets Start With The Dope Before The Psilocybin

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