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maggiebee | 09:03 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | News
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Aberfan - 55 years on

At 9.15am this morning, Wales will fall silent to remember those who lost their lives in the disaster.

Disaster struck the South Wales village on October 21 1966.

More than 150,000 tonnes of coal waste, loosened by persistent rain, slid down a hillside, killing 116 children and 28 adults.


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My niece was born on that day - mixed emotions.
Will never be forgot here. I was only a toddler when it happend but remember the shock in the family and street
I remember it well. The scenes shown on tv were horrific.
I remember it though we were living in Australia at the time but was born in South Wales. Can't really forget it as my father died on Friday 21st October as well though at a much later date.
We were there a couple of years ago, Very sad.
I didn't know anything about this until I watched an episode of The Crown. It brought me to tears and I couldn't stop thinking about those poor little children and teachers. Just so sad.
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Warning: This is a very upsetting read, but I think it's important to remember, not only the disaster, but those left behind.
Remember it well. I was so distressed at seeing my mother’s distress.
I knew at least one guy who reverted to atheism after that, he said that no god could exist that would allow that to happen.
I’ve heard many people say * thank you god* when a very very ill newborn baby survives.
I remember Aberfan and will never forget.
maggie I read your link and it made me realise the suffering of those who actually survived this horrific incident and the way they are still suffering.
Today is a day to remember all those who died that fateful day children and teachers and relatives and friends of those who died. R.I.P
terrible events
and yes, my parents' distress is etched in my memory

Crown is a drama - i dont remember it like that at all - Tony Armstrong Jones's voyage was completely unreported
Phil did say - hand me a spade and his minions said no sir that will not do
The Queen did NOT go as HER minions did not want a measure of a disaster as 1 Aberfan - as in anything gtr than one aberfan, she would visit, anything less, she wouldnt
PP the Queen didn't go straight away as she felt her presence would distract and so she went with the Duke a week after the event, and I believe she visited at other times as did P.Charles.
Yes I remember Aberfan. I remember the collections of food, drinks, shovels and spades. Also collections of money to help with equipment and housing. Their need was so much greater than ours. I lived in a nearby village. It was very close. It was tragic.

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