Mps Expenses Claims Now Being Redacted.

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Gromit | 12:12 Wed 20th Oct 2021 | News
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// The UK’s parliamentary spending watchdog has begun redacting parts of MPs’ expenses to protect their safety since the killing of Sir David Amess. //

MPs surgeries are usually advertised in the local paper or community, or on the MP’s own website. I doubt David Amess’ killer got the venue info by studying his expenses.

Opportunism or genuine concern ?


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What a lame excuse, and quite disrespectful to the deceased mp .
do we know what details are being redacted? As you say it's easy to find an MP anyway. I assume it's details that could be used to deduce less obvious places they may be.
Not seen the link but maybe things that show journeys from home address?
Probably details of where or what the expenses were claimed for TTT, especially if it is liable to "upset" the peace religion practitioners. Not a good idea maybe to show that you had a taxi to meet say the local Jewish Community in the new and exciting Britain.
If it reduces the risk to an MP, does it matter?
I suppose they think MPs need to be respected and they won't be if we know about the duck islands they've been claiming on expenses. So, they have to stop us knowing what they're doing with our money.
If it stops some nutter assaulting MPs or their staff, not knowing certain details about a a particular MP's expenses claims is a small price to pay.
insofar as MPs claim expenses for past spending, I'm not sure the details of their claims are going to provide much information about where they'll be next Tuesday. The problematic places, I guess, are surgeries, homes and parliament.
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If I phone my MPs constituency office and enquire about his next surgery, are they going to refuse to tell me?

I have no idea how to see my MP’s expenses paperwork, do you ?

Did David Amess’ killer track him down from his expenses paperwork ?

The MPs and Parliament are exploiting the situation to avoid being transparent about their spending claims.
"I have no idea how to see my MP’s expenses paperwork, do you ?"

As you cannot find the details in the first place, the fact they are to redact some details will have no impact upon you, will it?

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Mps Expenses Claims Now Being Redacted.

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