Finally The Treasury Wake Up To Boris

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youngmafbog | 13:44 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | News
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Not before time the Treasury are outing the Prime Minister for his(and his awful wife's) ridiculous and unaffordable green policies.

Johnson has to go before his vanity projects wreck our Country and plunge many into poverty.


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Boris can’t help over reaching himself.
£200million wasted on an unnecessary bridge across the Thames. And it never got built.
All his other fantasy bridges went nowhere.
Dow no what to think really, guna have me din din now, see ya all soon :0))
YMB "Johnson has to go"...NO! .. you keep him where he is, as your elected P/M ...until the next G/E... Please keep him there . he is the oppositions best asset.

For once, I agree with you. The UK produces just 1 % of the world's co2 emissions, trashing the economy of the country in a attempt to reduce this is a completely fatuous exercise
AGood point on the bridge gronit but this is about green policys. I find it hard you think he's been to ambitious. Surely you and guardian readers support green policys and want more done??
If qe'er chairing Cop conference we can hardly say we'er too insignificant to other doing anything. Surely at least half the country's in the world are smaller Ghana us and could all claim to be excused. Well given China and India aint interested and USA is lukewarm should we just give up and let climate change continue?
We're not qu'er
And 'than us' not 'Ghana us'
The projects won't wreck the country. There's a cost but wreck it, that's nonsence
Any chance 10CS or someone else will remind us scientists are all wrong or lying for there own agenda as either there's no climate change or it's all down to the sun, nothing to do with man
This 'Green' agenda has to be halted. For reasons everyone knows, and I've expressed before, it is negligible in the world outlook and will bankrupt us in the process. We would be much better-off spending money on coping activities such as flood defences. We should also re-open coal mines, get natural gas going again and commence fracking where it is likely to produce a useful amount.

That would set the country on a steady footing whilst we explore how best to provide alternative energy - I favour wave power, it is reliable. We're doing no-one any good by committing economic suicide.

Boris was never elected PM.
He became Tory leader by by a vote of Tory members.
And by default, the Tories winning the General Election he became Prime Minister.
Correct, due to the decisions of this government on policies, Brexit and the pandemic we don't have any money left to spend on nice things. Welcome to Britain 2021.
Perhaps Boris (& 'princess nut-nut') should listen to some real facts from the founder of Greenpeace;

I resent paying any extra in taxes to subsidise these ridiculous green policies.
Khandro - very interesting, thought provoking video.
Gully //Please keep him there . he is the oppositions best asset.//

What opposition would that be?
The astonishing thing is that the nation isn't even profiting from all this greenery: wind farm ownership in the UK is dominated by foreign companies remitting billions of pounds of profit overseas, & yet every penny of profit earned from wind farms comes from government subsidy.

Less than 1% of the UK's installed capacity is locally owned. In Denmark almost half of the onshore turbines are locally owned, in Germany too there is a high level, allowing communities to prosper from wind profits.

'This gigantic failure of public policy has happened in all levels of government & parties - local devolved & national'.

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Finally The Treasury Wake Up To Boris

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